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  1. Hi Ladies, at 7.5 yrs out I can recall feeling just what you're both describing. Yes to letting the grief flow and feel it. Remember one day/hour/moment at a time and you'll get through it. I've also learned that the anticipation is usually worse than the actual day. Gentle hugs to you.
  2. BrokenHeart2

    My Little Rant.....

    After reading all the crazy stories about the dating sites I still haven't worked up the nerve to join..... even with this isolation
  3. Hi Jessica, I'm so sorry you had to join us. Wow you have a lot on your plate right now. Getting past the stuff that is eating at you will happen over time and I hope eventually you level out. Baby steps will get you there. Hugs to you.
  4. Hi Beryl, I'm not sure why this board has been so quiet. I remember about 5 yrs ago this board was busy as heck. I have no idea why people aren't posting the way they used to. Don't let that stop you from reaching out. Many just read and will provide support if needed. Hugs.
  5. BrokenHeart2

    Facebook Memory Of My Wedding Day

    Thank you Ladies for sharing your beautiful memories and photos. I can completely relate to where you say you feel so detached from your old life. It will be 7 yrs at the end of this month and it feels surreal. I am thankful to no longer be in the throws of that pain like in the early years.
  6. BrokenHeart2

    And it is okay to just be right now......

    Great post T and thread! I've been on the computer all day for work (during the week) and had no motivation for anything else. Even eating was a chore and for me that's odd. Weather was nice yesterday and my body needed to do work. Must say if felt really good. Today..... not so much LOL. With this isolation and the crappy weather I think we're all feeling it for sure.
  7. As I'm here alone during this self isolating time, I can't help but think about my fellow wids who are early in this terrible journey of widowhood. While I'm not struggling now like the early days (and thankful for that at almost 7 yrs out) I have noticed that many in the early days are not posting like we did back then. What are you struggling with? What you may think are crazy thoughts you'll be surprised at how many of us have had similar ones, share them and see if they are more common than you realized. I remember thinking.... thank God, I'm not crazy after all. What can we do to help our early wids? What advice do you have for those of you long into this journey? Yes, this has become a rambling post to see where it goes. Stay safe and hugs to all.
  8. BrokenHeart2

    I don’t know what to do.

    Hugs to you SquintyPud. Welcome to the group nobody wants to join but glad you found us. We get where you are because we've been there. At almost 7 yrs out I remember the early days so very well. Be gentle with yourself, drink lots of water, crying is very dehydrating. Glad to hear your coworkers are very supportive. Take it one day/hour/minute at a time.
  9. BrokenHeart2

    Omitted from sister's obit

    Wow Patswife, like you I have learned only to well how people change after death. I'm sorry you have this to deal with. They sound like my 2 sisters.... they have shocked me by their actions. 2 of my 3 brothers have been there for me as much as they can in this past 6.5 yrs and for that I am very thankful. Hugs.
  10. BrokenHeart2


    Congratulations Mrs.D that is terrific news!
  11. Hi Whyme. You are most welcome to read and post to this site. Whether you posted on another site or not! Are you referring to this predecessor YWBB? It was taken down in 2015 much to my and many's dismay. How long have you been widowed? Don't be shy to post for support. As you probably know..... we get it.\ Hugs.
  12. BrokenHeart2

    Marriage after widowhood

    So sorry Rob. Prayers to you and hope this get better for you! Hugs
  13. I'm sorry to say laurie27 that I too found as time went on it became harder and yes I have to agree about the title. At least that is how it worked for me as well. I got counselling and it did help me. Be gentle with yourself and go with it. Early out I read a statement that really stuck with me and helped me get through it. "If you're going through hell, just keep going." It made me feel like I wasn't alone going through hell. Hugs to you.
  14. BrokenHeart2

    How to speak grief

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  • Date Widowed
    May 2013
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