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  1. BrokenHeart2

    Proud Mom

    Congrats on your son's graduation!! I hear you about "he should be here". Really sucks doesn't it. Hugs
  2. BrokenHeart2

    What is a “widowbago” event exactly ?

    Hi Jen, here is a link to a thread that explains 'widowbago'.
  3. BrokenHeart2

    Hard day today

    Melissa, I'm so sorry for your loss of your DH. I seem to recall it felt like that's all I did was cry in those early days. One step/minute/hour/ day at at time. Whatever it takes to get through. Remember to drink water as crying is very dehydrating. Hugs to you and your daughter.
  4. BrokenHeart2

    Wish I could die today

    Baby step Bubu27, yes it stays with you in different ways over time. Thank you Twin_mom for acknowledging that my signature helped you and you certainly did not mutilate it. I am rebuilding my life and it's been a tough old slog getting there. I had no idea how all consuming this widowhood can be. I'm learning that it doesn't have to define me and I'm finding my way again. Hugs
  5. BrokenHeart2

    Emotions always so close to the edge...

    Yes, I have just come to accept this is part of who I am now. I too didn't use to be this way.
  6. BrokenHeart2

    Not sure where to start

    Lisa, I too am so sorry for your loss. Michael was a terrific writer. Hugs
  7. BrokenHeart2

    Broken Heart.

    Gem, keep going one day at a time. Are you getting out of the house at all? Try to find something you might like to do. Maybe trying "fake it till you make it" could help until you find what you may like to do. Baby steps. Hugs
  8. BrokenHeart2

    Sexy Widowed Saturday Night!

    Didn't do much last night. Fell asleep on the couch LOL Tired from hauling in wood to keep the house warm. Furnace oil is so darned expensive.
  9. BrokenHeart2


    Hey Ben1437, I feel your pain. A few years ago I was taking a pottery course with a bunch of friends and they were all doing just what you described. I turned to one of my friends and said "Really, are you really complaining to me about what your husband is or isn't doing?" I said it loud enough to be heard by others. I must admit they changed their tune.... for a few classes anyway. People just don't get it!! They have no idea how fortunate they are. I too distanced myself from that sort of stuff as well. I just didn't want to hear it anymore. Best of luck to you Hugs
  10. BrokenHeart2

    Widowed Jan 16, 2019.

    I have to agree with Tybec and Hachi, numbing is not the answer. From what I've read I'm concerned you are going to overdose. I remember not caring if I lived but I didn't work to harm myself. In those horrid early days I made a promise to myself to get out of the house once a day, even if just for a short walk. Wise words that stuck with me early out..... "If you're going through hell, just keep going" I said that to myself more times than I can count but eventually things started to smooth out. It was in baby steps for me but it did eventually happen. Hugs
  11. BrokenHeart2

    Widowed Jan 16, 2019.

    So sorry Powbesh for the loss of your dear husband. What you said makes perfect sense to me. I remember feeling what you described. Take it one day at a time. You'll get there in your own time. Hugs to you
  12. BrokenHeart2

    Stuck and still fall apart this time of year

    Hi Candice. I'm at 5.5 yrs out and I too remember you. What you're saying makes sense to me! Hugs
  13. BrokenHeart2

    We are on this board because.......

    Why are you here? Bump
  14. BrokenHeart2

    Today is his birthday

    So today is his 59th birthday. He died at 53 yrs old. His son is 31 today and down south with his GF's family. Nobody has acknowledged it today except his son when I wished him a happy birthday he said he's having a beer for Dad. That's it, nobody else. It's been 5.5 yrs and I guess ...........it is what it is. I spoke with a recent widower today, his wife, my friend, died in August and he didn't really want to "go there". Yeah ok..... whatever. I'm really getting tired of being there for others when nobody wants to bother being there for me. Maybe they are thinking it's been enough time that I should be "over it". It all just really sucks is all. Hugs.

Personal Information

  • Date Widowed
  • Date Widowed
    May 2013
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