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  1. Gem

    Broken Heart.

    Thank you!! BrokenHeart2 ..Im so sorry to all ..It seems when im at my most hardest moments i come on here and vent negatively, its all true, but it shouldn't be put out there so hard,when i should try to be more of a help..His birthday just went by , winter should be over (cabin fever and boredom) and it snowed again . i miss him terrible and will always miss him.. My hardest part is all the pictures in my head and the end memories of him dying ..i just cant stop seeing it and it kills me inside..but forward i will keep going.. and hold the hope, that one day i wont cry every day..I am so sorry again for being so negative in my statement ..HUGS and LOVE to everyone.
  2. Its been a little over two years now ..Still feels like yesterday..im still waiting to die of a broken heart..i keep trying to do good thing, hoping, this is what i have to do before god will take me..and here i sit...hating my life ..i dont mean to cry all the time i just cant stop.. Whats keeping me here?? if god would tell me i would do it so i can just wrap this life up ..im really not a hater i always used to love life ..i still find myself telling others, its alright things will workout ,stay positive , stay happy ,theirs a better day ahead ..im such a liar.. in reality my heart breaks for whats ahead of them, death ,loneliness ,being stuck in a place you dont want to be , and not knowing how to get out of this place.. so obviously i haven't moved on .i dont know how too.so im still waiting to die of a broken heart.I will pray that all of you are doing better then me .
  3. Thank u Maureen .....Hugs Back to You
  4. i dont know how much more i can take. im so sad, my tears just wont stop..i never new this kind of sadness existed, until this happened ..im really sorry, im not the only one that has this kind of sadness..i hope everyone makes it through the holidays..
  5. I am now coming up on a year.... And this next year.... I really HOPE i can find away to be happy with being by myself.....If i can just find away, to be happy making me happy....I find myself feeling guilty for crying ..when i got 35 WONDERFUL years. Thank you everyone on here, even though i do not talk much, all the reading has helped sooo much .. Thank You All !!
  6. Thank you everyone for giving me a better definition of therapy ....Sorry for spouting off..It just seems hopeless....Thank You again
  7. My Story ....we buried my mom last mothers day 2 month later my husband was diagnosed with cancer....4 month later he dies.. My sister says i should talk to someone....How could anyone help? By telling me to have hope..well i have done that ..doesn't work, or have faith a lot of good that did..no one can do anything

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.


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