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  1. Happy late holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope everyone was healthy and happy. I was at least not alone, but of coarse hurt again by my kids. I have to stop asking myself what "I" did wrong, when they are now grown and do as they damn well please! Still haven't set up a new doctor for myself, but I will this coming up month. I am enjoying the adjusting to the temperatures and being in the mountains verses the constant heat and humidity. Wishing all of you a blessed New Year, and I will be back to update
  2. sudnlysngl

    What would you do??

    I actually had a very similar situation, with the exception of me helping to raise his kids part time. When dh got sick and he would call them to come and see him they would not take the time to do it and they were only 20 - 30 minutes away. Yet my son , whom dh adopted came from several states away many times and had to get permission from the military! So my 2cents on this is , respect your dh's wishes and leave them out of it! If after becoming adults they wanted contact they could have sought him out, and they didn't! With today's technology they could have found their dad but chose not to so leave it alone for your dh now. Just my two cents.... Best of luck to you....
  3. sudnlysngl

    Marriage after widowhood

    I'm so sorry Rob Don't know if you read my story, but I went through something similar. I remarried and it lasted just over 5 years. Started out good, but overnight it changed. He started saying awful, nasty, things to me, and when I confronted him he would deny he had done any of it, and start screaming at me, and hitting the walls in MY house. I knew at one point there had to be someone he was seeing because of the way he was behaving and I knew I deserved better, and I would rather be alone. I finally told him to get out of my house and he said no, said some really awful things to me about poisoning me, using me, etc.... I ended selling my home that my dh and I bought 26 years ago, and now I'm in limbo feeling broken , hurt, wondering why I've done good things for others and I got the shaft. I'm over 1200 miles from my home staying with an ex from 30 years ago, nothing romantic, but keep asking myself , what am I doing here???? Yet I'm looking for the positive today as I sit here in the mountains as it's the first big snowfall of the year, my first one in 30 years, so very pretty to me... Rob , we will make it, we have been through worse! We both have lost the loves of our lives and are still standing somehow. My thoughts are with you as you travel this road right now, hug your kids a little tighter, smile a little bigger at the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and start another day PM anytime or not, just know you are not alone in this journey... ((((hugs))))
  4. Glad to hear your ok and congrats on getting a new kitty Sorry to hear about the funk, hope it passes quickly for you. Will keep you lifted in my prayers... Adjusting to the colder temps, , aging hurts a little with this, lol BTW, what's the kitty's new name?
  5. Keeping you as well as all the others in CA in my prayers arneal ❤️. Keep us posted as and when you can. Much love to you and yours ❤️
  6. thanks t2b, sorry to hear about your dad. Wish I could have shared in the wine and chocolate with you
  7. Thanks arneal Yeah my son has heard himself, and he just doesn't care! My dh and I have had that boy in counseling and spent years on trying to set his ass straight! He has taken so much time from the other kids, from us, the kids at school, and now who ever else. Ironically, I'm now staying with my ex husband, the biological father of my son (children)😮😏 We always remained somewhat friends , even when my dh adopted the two kids the ex and I had together. My dh was raised in the same situation so there was a lot of understanding there. The ex had some issues he needed to work through and we were really young, ( I was 15, he 18, together 10 yrs back then). It's now been 30 years (40 yrs total) and if something comes of this later then it will but for now we are just really good friends It will take my daughter a little more time but she is good with me being here, she even said the other day that I finally sound happy since dh has passed over 12 years ago, and she said I deserve to be happy . That made me feel really good. So when the time is right, the ex and I will show up at my son's house (son talks to the ex) and see how it goes! Son hasn't spoken to me now going on 11 years... And you know I will keep you updated on how it goes, LOL...
  8. Hi everyone! I made it to where I was headed, but as soon as I parked we realized that my transmission was going, oiy.... Thank goodness I made it before it went!!!! I know that I will never have anything to do with my sister ever again, and that is sad and heart breaking in a lot of ways but has to be that way. She is so angry and abusive, and no one deserves that. It was so bad that I waited until she was gone from her house and left under the secret of darkness 😥, scared and alone in the rain, but I did it and I made it! I'm close to where my son is, and he has no idea I'm in the area, lol When the time is right I shall show up to meet with him and try to see my grandchildren. He is another one who is/has always been abusive towards others, and I've never tolerated that with him. He is also a pathalogical liar to the umh degree! The lies my son has told about me and the family are sooo hurtful and damaging to me and the family. I don't think he even realizes or cares! I know there will come a time that even I will be gone and it will be to late for him, the "girl" he is married to won't be enough. I have heard him speak to her with such disrespect that it's sickening. Maybe she likes it, I don't know... Anyways, I gotta find my charging plug for my laptop and I will stay in touch!
  9. Thanks arneal I just don't understand my sister, it really saddens me and breaks my heart. I had walked away from her over 15 years ago because she was so negative and nasty. I was there for her when her husband died, sat with her while he was in the hospital for over 6 weeks every day, stayed with her for over a month after, helped her do his funeral. But I had to draw the line when she wanted me to go and hang out in the bars with her and she pick up men! I don't do bars, never have, and me I was married! Then she slept with the one man her husband had asked her NOT to and he was married! I was so disgusted.... He was disgusting, eewwww🤢 But now, we had talked for a few months and I was very clear about her behaviors and what I would and wouldn't put up with when it comes to her temper , etc. She promised she had gone through counseling, was different, missed how life used to be, I even showed hesitation several times, and now damn I'm mad at myself! But I want to be forgiving , Christ like, yet I got stomped on and hurt again! I'm ok, a survivor Sadly she spent 45 minutes screaming some of the worse names one can call another person yesterday, because I didn't wipe out the microwave fast enough for her! I'm like excuse me, I walk away and she doesn't stop! Now that's crazy..... She's angry that I'm leaving , yet I've told her that I am for over 2 weeks. No one should have to live like this, and at my age I won't. It's not good for my health, my life, or my spirit. My truck is completely packed now, and ready to go. Thanks for your love and support, I will update you when I get settled
  10. UPDATE!!! I'm leaving here! My sister is so angry with everyone and everything in life that she is so negative and nasty that I can't take it! She has physically attacked me, constantly verbally attacks me, and then expects me to cook and clean and pay half of everything! UMMM NO! I walked away from her almost 16 years ago and now within the week it will be for good. I have tried to talk to her calmly, yet she yells, cusses me out about things that have NOTHING to do with me. I go to my room, then she starts texting my phone until I block her, writes me letters saying how it's all my fault, it's truly bat shit crazy! I honestly believe she physically attacked me to break my necklace that dh bought me before he died, like she got some kind of sick pleasure out of that! She then thinks she can then simply say sorry and everything is just ok like nothing happened. I'm really nervous about driving all by myself but it has to be better than being here. I'm heading east, to PA. Going to a friends place up in the mountains. About 11 hours from here, got to map it out, pack my stuff back in my suv , suck up the courage and go! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers... 😏
  11. He (landlord/mgr) has 30 days. He is really pissed right now cause I busted him on over 10 FL statues and laws that he and the owner were breaking. I was willing to let them keep 2 months of rent at $850 and give me back 4 months plus my deposit of 1 month, but he thinks he gets to keep it all. OH HELL NOOO! LOL I showed that it was clearly him that breached the lease and not me, so stay tuned.... I will have to say I'm loving the cooler temps here , now winter will take some adjusting but I CAN DO IT! My doctor did give me another month of meds to give me time to get set up with new doctors here, which is unheard of with him! For that I'm so grateful. The leg is doing good, and the blood clot is discentegrating slowly, but it is going away. My birthday is Monday and never in a million years did I think I would be doing all of this and going through all of this right now in my life. OH, did I tell all of you that my camper sold 2 days before I left? And yes I got what I wanted and cash. GOD is GOOD!!!! So people lets keep holding each other up and know that some how it does get better, even if it is ever so slowly... And thanks again to all of you for your love and support❤️
  12. Thanks Tybec, and kudos to you and your ng . It takes a lot to go to counseling and to be willing to continue to go! This change for me is a difficult transition as well but needed! I'm considering it a new chapter in my book of my life. Hopefully it will have a decent ending, lol.... Oh gosh, I'm really praying it has a good ending. I'm doing the things I think I need to , to help make it one, I'm wishing all of you the absolute best and I will keep you posted on my journey whatever it may be!
  13. If a movie ever gets made about this the ending will NOT be what it is right now! My sister and I have already had 1 fight, sheesh.... So the ending would be me blowing up the landlord or at least beating his ass and everyone laughing because he got beat up by a girl . Things are getting better, slowly but at least they are....
  14. I MADE IT UP NORTH! When I asked the landlord to do the walk through he immediately started cussing me out with my daughter standing there. He refused to do it cause he knew he owes me my money back, jumped in his truck and attempted to hit me twice while saying he would call the cops. I started yelling back at him to call the damn cops , then I started yelling as others were watching to tell them the truth that the apartments are illegal and not rentable by state law and statues! One lady looked at me with great concern so I said to her , "hey do you know where your deposit money is? It's suppose to be listed in your lease by law! He ( the landlord ) then took off! So I left out of there keys to the place in hand, and will mail them to the owner of the complex with a certified letter demanding my money with a threat of a lawsuit as well as pictures of how clean I left the place , which was better than I received it when I moved in! But I got out of Florida ahead of the hurriacane…. My leg did ok, some swelling, but not horrible. Had a hotel double charge me for the one night stay, card is helping with that , we don't get everything to go ok do we? Got to be better days ahead. Hoping everyone here is doing ok! Thanks again for all the well wishes friends ❤️

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