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  1. Thanks arneal I just don't understand my sister, it really saddens me and breaks my heart. I had walked away from her over 15 years ago because she was so negative and nasty. I was there for her when her husband died, sat with her while he was in the hospital for over 6 weeks every day, stayed with her for over a month after, helped her do his funeral. But I had to draw the line when she wanted me to go and hang out in the bars with her and she pick up men! I don't do bars, never have, and me I was married! Then she slept with the one man her husband had asked her NOT to and he was married! I was so disgusted.... He was disgusting, eewwww🤢 But now, we had talked for a few months and I was very clear about her behaviors and what I would and wouldn't put up with when it comes to her temper , etc. She promised she had gone through counseling, was different, missed how life used to be, I even showed hesitation several times, and now damn I'm mad at myself! But I want to be forgiving , Christ like, yet I got stomped on and hurt again! I'm ok, a survivor Sadly she spent 45 minutes screaming some of the worse names one can call another person yesterday, because I didn't wipe out the microwave fast enough for her! I'm like excuse me, I walk away and she doesn't stop! Now that's crazy..... She's angry that I'm leaving , yet I've told her that I am for over 2 weeks. No one should have to live like this, and at my age I won't. It's not good for my health, my life, or my spirit. My truck is completely packed now, and ready to go. Thanks for your love and support, I will update you when I get settled
  2. UPDATE!!! I'm leaving here! My sister is so angry with everyone and everything in life that she is so negative and nasty that I can't take it! She has physically attacked me, constantly verbally attacks me, and then expects me to cook and clean and pay half of everything! UMMM NO! I walked away from her almost 16 years ago and now within the week it will be for good. I have tried to talk to her calmly, yet she yells, cusses me out about things that have NOTHING to do with me. I go to my room, then she starts texting my phone until I block her, writes me letters saying how it's all my fault, it's truly bat shit crazy! I honestly believe she physically attacked me to break my necklace that dh bought me before he died, like she got some kind of sick pleasure out of that! She then thinks she can then simply say sorry and everything is just ok like nothing happened. I'm really nervous about driving all by myself but it has to be better than being here. I'm heading east, to PA. Going to a friends place up in the mountains. About 11 hours from here, got to map it out, pack my stuff back in my suv , suck up the courage and go! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers... 😏
  3. He (landlord/mgr) has 30 days. He is really pissed right now cause I busted him on over 10 FL statues and laws that he and the owner were breaking. I was willing to let them keep 2 months of rent at $850 and give me back 4 months plus my deposit of 1 month, but he thinks he gets to keep it all. OH HELL NOOO! LOL I showed that it was clearly him that breached the lease and not me, so stay tuned.... I will have to say I'm loving the cooler temps here , now winter will take some adjusting but I CAN DO IT! My doctor did give me another month of meds to give me time to get set up with new doctors here, which is unheard of with him! For that I'm so grateful. The leg is doing good, and the blood clot is discentegrating slowly, but it is going away. My birthday is Monday and never in a million years did I think I would be doing all of this and going through all of this right now in my life. OH, did I tell all of you that my camper sold 2 days before I left? And yes I got what I wanted and cash. GOD is GOOD!!!! So people lets keep holding each other up and know that some how it does get better, even if it is ever so slowly... And thanks again to all of you for your love and support❤️
  4. Thanks Tybec, and kudos to you and your ng . It takes a lot to go to counseling and to be willing to continue to go! This change for me is a difficult transition as well but needed! I'm considering it a new chapter in my book of my life. Hopefully it will have a decent ending, lol.... Oh gosh, I'm really praying it has a good ending. I'm doing the things I think I need to , to help make it one, I'm wishing all of you the absolute best and I will keep you posted on my journey whatever it may be!
  5. If a movie ever gets made about this the ending will NOT be what it is right now! My sister and I have already had 1 fight, sheesh.... So the ending would be me blowing up the landlord or at least beating his ass and everyone laughing because he got beat up by a girl . Things are getting better, slowly but at least they are....
  6. I MADE IT UP NORTH! When I asked the landlord to do the walk through he immediately started cussing me out with my daughter standing there. He refused to do it cause he knew he owes me my money back, jumped in his truck and attempted to hit me twice while saying he would call the cops. I started yelling back at him to call the damn cops , then I started yelling as others were watching to tell them the truth that the apartments are illegal and not rentable by state law and statues! One lady looked at me with great concern so I said to her , "hey do you know where your deposit money is? It's suppose to be listed in your lease by law! He ( the landlord ) then took off! So I left out of there keys to the place in hand, and will mail them to the owner of the complex with a certified letter demanding my money with a threat of a lawsuit as well as pictures of how clean I left the place , which was better than I received it when I moved in! But I got out of Florida ahead of the hurriacane…. My leg did ok, some swelling, but not horrible. Had a hotel double charge me for the one night stay, card is helping with that , we don't get everything to go ok do we? Got to be better days ahead. Hoping everyone here is doing ok! Thanks again for all the well wishes friends ❤️
  7. Gotta love this one! So I see the landlord this morning and I tell him there will be a moving truck in the parking spots on Saturday and again on Tuesday. He proceeds to tell me he didn't know I was moving! I looked at him and said "bullshit". So he said well I didn't get a notice. To which I said oh yes you did, I gave a 60 day when I only had to give a 30 day, I called you on the 1st of July, and when I did the written you weren't around so your "office assistant " had me put it in her box so she has it and I have the text on my phone to prove it, plus text from her saying you both know it! As well as a copy of it on my phone! Shut his ass right up, he just doesn't want to give me any of my money back! Then I said to him when your not available what is the point of your "office assistant"? He wouldn't answer, then he says quietly the spots will be open for the trucks. Oh the trials and tribulations, and he went around bitching about me leaving to several other tenants here! oiy.....
  8. latest update is NOT good. was in the ER last night from 8 until 3 am. I hurt my leg and caused a blood clot in my leg!😥 It's painful and scary! ! ! Can you believe it? A dvt,, so now blood thinners, a very sore leg, and have to be very fricking careful. It's like damn I feel like I can't win for losing, but I'm not giving up the fight! Oh and my car was in the damn shop again too! I had it worked on a few months back, and they pissed me off cause they talked to me like I didn't know what I was talking about cause I'm just a little oh woman, ya know? Well they had to fix it right and this time for free plus the lever that opens the hood to my suv that they broke and I could prove it cause I replaced the battery a week prior and still have the receipt! I told them , don't under estimate this woman, cause you will lose, lol.... Anywho, I have my leg prooped up ice on it, taking Eliquis to dissolve the blood clot , which I will have to now take for at least 3 months or more, and still moving forward! Thank goodness my sister took a week off because now we will have to stop a LOT for me to walk around, LOL, sniffle sniffle😪 , but still fighting and going forward
  9. sudnlysngl


    Although I completely agree with what you are saying you left out one thing. I must say the most important thing in my opinion. The lesson my dear starts at HOME when people are young! The things you speak of here are taught out and about in society, but when one is taught properly at home, then they know what to do when faced with the situation when it is presented to them whenever or however in life! Just saying, I know for me that's when I was taught no matter how uncomfortable it was, and I was prepared when the time came for me at work when I was even younger.... Sadly it just doesn't happen anymore.
  10. sudnlysngl


    this sentence says it all.....
  11. Oh arneal you must remember we are only human! trying 2 , I bow to you if you have mastered the art of staying quiet , time for you to write a book for the rest of us girls! I truly can't stand being in this negativity place , be it this apartment situation, the manager and his sidekick, or others! It always makes me think of an old saying, "misery loves company!" On another note, it's a lot of great news from all of you and seeing you back on the board , 14 more days and counting for me, and yes I'm counting down now, lol.... I'm getting excited...
  12. Oh arneal I almost forgot to tell you this one, LOL Through all the crud of the going on's I still gave thanks to God for everything every single day, it's just something I've always done. So during all of this I've been trying to sell my camper, and guess what??? I've sold it The guy will be stopping by at my daughter's right after I leave with a bank check made out to me and getting it, but we have been staying in touch, and I got asking price, very happy girl, so please say a prayer that he doesn't back out at last second please, thanks.....
  13. Hey arneal, thanks for asking . Busy as heck! I went to the court house and got the info on the owner of the complex, sent a letter with the statues, pictures of the place, and stating how much money I expect back on the day of the walk through or I will go forward with a law suit against all of them and win! Oh some of the pics showed snapshots of the text msgs from his staff harassing me and cussing me out! I sent it overnight with signature requested, If he is a smart man, I'm sure he will give me my money! The neighbor moved, but profusely apologized to me several times before he left. He also left his place a disaster, LOL. He lived there for 13 years, and looks like he didn't take hardly anything out of there, or hardly ever cleaned that place, and now the jerk of a mgr./landlord is stuck having to clean it out , ha ha ha.... My daughter hasn't been any help, so I decided to hire help where I could afford to. and I have only pots and pans left to pack. Then on the 27th I pick up a small moving truck and movers will be here to load it and then meet me at daughters to unload it into the sheds I had put up there over a year ago. Then I load my clothes in my auto, and do a quick vacuum wipe down of the bathroom, which is cleaner then when I got it, and do the check off with the asst. mgr. Turn over keys, and hopefully get a check, and leave. Pick up my sister next day at airport and start driving north, whoo hooooo!!!!!! How's that for an update? Glad you are doing well, and girl if that is spells you go through, then most of us are right there with you LOL... Let's gather round the cauldron, he he he..... so a kitty would be the purrfect pet🐱
  14. sudnlysngl


    We now live in a world where "women" have had enough of cutting people some slack for their bad behaviors! It's time for these people to learn how to act appropriately with others and when they don't then to be spoken to about it . Also we little oh women are sick and tired of being knocked down for putting up with these ignorant behaviors towards us when we don't just brush them under the rug for men and their jobs so they can be kept so superior in society. When we make a mistake then fix it, learn from it and do better. Lets all make this a better world.....

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