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  1. sudnlysngl

    Overwhelmed - venting

    You get what you allow! So yeah you are a doormat if you let yourself be a doormat! Just saying... Be the change you want!
  2. sudnlysngl

    I lost my job today

    So sorry to hear this rooshy. Just remember when these people are pointing their fingers at others they have 3 pointing back at themselves! This is a time for you to move on to better things for YOU ! Wishing you the best, holding you up in my thoughts and prayers... Sending you lots of cyber (((hugs)))
  3. I'm so sorry to read this Tybec. I will keep you and your ng in my prayers to hold you both up and for the truth to come out and be revealed. (((hugs)))...
  4. sudnlysngl

    Had to say goodbye to our "son"

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your fur baby...
  5. sudnlysngl

    Overwhelmed - venting

    Vent away, we all need to. Everyone here gave some GREAT advice, and we wont make you cook and clean unless you want to😊
  6. sudnlysngl

    I am not fine.

    I feel you dragontears, I could echo your statement. Two steps forward, three backwards! I absolutely HATE the weekends!!! Sending you hugs...
  7. Maybe it's from what they share, my experiences, and the whole shebang! Otherwise how do we get other perspectives and learn?
  8. trying2breathe NO it's not wrong to have expected more of a loving, caring, warm response from the person YOU have been giving YOURSELF to for a year and a half. I've been asking myself why some of you are settling with some of these men you are with? I understand when they are going through something, but come on ladies, really? Letting them walk all over you like you and your feelings don't matter????? REALLY???? My dh and I both were married before each other and we loved each other enough to show, and give each other time as well as give time to the kids! So this bullshit I keep reading has me absolutely baffled of what these guys are feeding you ladies. My dh's ex was also beyond bat shit crazy!!! I mean we had to drag her crazy ass to court several times over her antics, but WE did it, and she finally learned her place, and he learned that I came before her because she was now an EX for a reason! That if he was going to keep running to her every whim then run back to her damn house and stay there!!! She also learned my dh and I were NOT built in babysitters at her whim for just whenever she wanted either. She had to learn to stop using the kids as weapons against him, and when he quit playing the bullshit games she was dishing out, it all stopped! But when I said I would NOT be a pawn of any sort in any of it, and that meant , drop off, pick up, anything, then it all stopped! So ladies, I guess I am saying if he really loves you there is enough space in his life for YOU and his kids, find your value, and YOU get what you allow them to give you..... Just saying.... So I will say it now, Sorry if I hurt any of your feelings but really think about what I am saying....
  9. Aww Tybec…. vent away! The things you want are normal. There is nothing wrong with showing affection in front of kids, otherwise how do they learn about it or how to show it? I'm not saying throw each other down on the floor stuff, but you know what I mean , a kiss or a hug. But if you have had several discussions about your feelings and he hears you enough to change for a day or two then goes back to his ways, then reconsider that you may not be the one for him. He is not loving you enough to respect your feelings at all! Just saying... Enjoy your break from it all, get some clarity, and some rest and relaxation. (((hugs)))
  10. I would take the actions any day arneal! How's that saying go? Actions speak louder than words!!! 😊 It means a whole lot when a man will take the time to show his woman with actions...
  11. sudnlysngl

    Rant about the DGI's..... (Don't get it's.....)

    This reminds me of the days when the saying was out of , "men are from Mars and women are from Venus"...🙄
  12. sudnlysngl

    What to do? Need career advice.

    Go to school to do what YOU love!!!
  13. sudnlysngl

    For those further along (5+years)

    This sentence here says so much for me after 11.5 years! I am to a point of being sick of hearing others saying their damn platitudes to me, oiy!
  14. sudnlysngl

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    Thanks for the info. This is important info for out of towners! Especially for those who have never been to the area!!! Will the person who is having the BAGO be setting up airport shuttle service for those who are not familiar to the area? These are some things to consider.... Just saying....

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