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  1. WHAT SHE SAID! You got this girl! I agree being alone sucks, but it's better than settling for the wrong thing! …. Do right by YOU and the right will come along. I'm right there with you waiting for the right one too.... (((((hugs)))))
  2. sudnlysngl

    Moving on, Starting over... ??? Just thinking....

    None of us will ever have the answer because we are all here for the same reason! Our lives have been forever changed and NONE of us wanted that or were ready for that! Now some are just better at moving forward than the rest of us. Or is it they got luckier with what life did after for and with them than some of us? Who knows? I just know for me at this moment I am tired, I am stuck, I am in a place of uncertainty, and wondering if it's ever going to be better, but still somehow taking day at a time. What more can one do? So (((hugs))) for those who are stuck too....
  3. sudnlysngl

    In ER with Fiancé.

  4. sudnlysngl

    Moving on, Starting over... ??? Just thinking....

    Your not crazy. I'm 12 years out and feeling so stuck that I want to scream! I've married and divorced since dh's passing, sold the house last year, held on to hope that my siblings would come around (they never did), and guess what? I can't breathe anymore! I'm still in the same area cause my daughter and her family had me convinced that I was wanted here, well I'm not! I'm the mom of convenience for them, otherwise I don't hear from them or see them. I'm tired of being hurt and sad. We have to find our ways in this "new" life we've been handed that "we" didn't ask for! I'm struggling, but at least I'm struggling and that means I'm still living..... How do we eat that elephant? One yucky bite at a time!
  5. sudnlysngl

    Sexy Widowed Saturday Night!

    I'm right there with you RAM. Come the weekends, and I'm forgotten by my daughter and her family, sigh.... It's also been thunderstorms on and off all weekend too, so that isn't helping, hold on the weekend is almost over... Sending you loving widda ((( hugs )))
  6. Thanks arneal, and hugs to you too. What is it with bratty grown kids? My daughter has been thinking it's ok to try to parent me, and blame me for everything she does in her life since her dad died! She has become such a bully to me, and right now I don't have "friends" so to speak of. My best friend died within a year of my dh, all of my siblings stopped talking to me cause I guess I had the death bug around me. I actually just read an interesting article about how hard it is to make new friends at my age which is dare I say mid fifties now. I feel too young to be old and too old to be young, I'm in that really weird area of life right now. Oh and let me tell you, there is discrimination when it comes to getting a new job for me right now. So just having a hard time of it, but being grateful and thankful that I have enough savings to get by on for at least 2 to 3 years if I'm careful. Damn I don't see that as being negative as I continue to look for a job, learn to live all alone for the first time in my life, put up with a bitch of a daughter , having to sell my house after 26 years, my dog dying 2 weeks ago. Oh yeah my lovely daughter called me a week and a half ago thought I was dying, I was passing 2 kidney stones, I only have 1 kidney, she didn't even come over, or call back for 3 or 4 days....Did I say OIY, lol I think my point was my daughter says I'm negative!, Heck, I'm not just the crap I'm being handed is, LOL So I will get through this new transition of my life or die trying, what else can I say? Best to all of you...
  7. Hi Tybec, sorry about being left out. My daughter and her family have kicked me to the curb again cause they have been fussing. Somehow my daughter thinks it's ok even in her 30's to blame mom when she is being the witch in her family or to me. So now even with her knowing what I've gone through this past year she will do what she can to punish me. Hmmm, sound familiar arneal? Oh, and my doggie passed away 2.5 weeks ago so I am totally alone right now. I am trying to decide if I just want to pack up and move out of state with out saying anything to anyone. We are worth it, and it's great that you and your guy are going to do counseling. Best of luck to both of you....
  8. AAhhh Arneal you have a way with words! I will only use one that works in every relationship, COMPRIMISE , it works when both people use it and think of the other with love and kindness....
  9. sudnlysngl

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    Hmmmm….. My dh was 18 yrs older than me , I'm now 55 so I will leave the math up to you, lol... The relationship was fantastic
  10. SB I think you should do what YOU feel is right for YOU! If you don't feel like it's something you can find any semblance of any kind of agreeableness in then step away.... Meet up with him afterwards, you know? Sometimes people have to agree to disagree, just saying. And girl, you already know as long as you have been coming here, do what is best for YOU! Love ya SB, I know you will do what is right for you and be ok Hope I made sense with what I was saying.
  11. sudnlysngl

    Getting Rid of His/Her Clothes

    I actually make memory quilts , I took my dh's button up car and Hawaiian shirts that he loved and made my quilt out of those. I really need to post a pic of it cause it came out so pretty... I say for anyone keep whatever makes you feel ok with what your going through. DON'T LET ANYONE tell you what to let go of unless it is the courts or the law! Blessings to all of you...
  12. sudnlysngl


    Every single time!
  13. sudnlysngl


    This has been a really good topic! The one thing I noticed is everything everyone said, and please correct me if I'm wrong, is that someone in the fwb relationship "always" develops more feelings for the other person then what was supposed to have been part of the "fwb" thing. I've never heard of these working out for anyone, at least I haven't . Maybe there is someone out there it works for, or maybe there is someone where the two people finally realize that they belong together. Who knows? Good luck to those of you who have the guts to go for it!
  14. sudnlysngl


    Also another thing to consider, as much as she says she is "ok" with this many women are emotional creatures. As much as we don't want to let our feelings get involved they do! Her feelings are already involved! If I were you , I would NOT do it unless you are looking to have a good time then lose a friendship..... just my opinion.....

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