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  1. sudnlysngl

    There are worse things than death

    Broken hearted for this mother. Prayers aren't enough at this time, but all I can give, and I will give them hoping it will hold her and the rest of her family together during this horrific tragedy.😥😥
  2. What a perspective! I remember blending the families with dh, and I as difficult and hard as it was I wouldn't have changed anything! He ended up adopting my kids, what a blessing for us 😊. Enjoy the journey... Will keep all of you in my prayers.
  3. I've been places where my dh was really on my mind and had someone come up to me and say hi I have a message from your husband if that's ok, he wants you to know he's here and loves you. Now mind you these people were strangers to me! I've also had our grandson who was born 2 days before he died say something about grandpa when he was approximately 18 months old! Just wish I would feel him more...
  4. sudnlysngl

    Just a quick hello

    I remember you, and I'm sorry for your cousin. Sending thoughts and prayers...
  5. Another thing to consider is, are you willing to have her read your thoughts and writings? Maybe the two of you are that close, but perhaps you might want to keep some things to yourself away from family. Hope that makes sense... Sorry to hear about your brother in law.
  6. I didn't say that none of it wasn't appreciated or helpful. I just said that statement or comment felt hurtful to me. I also stated that when you said I was angry that you were labeling me. It's easy to feel hurt or out of sorts when we can't hear another person's tone in written words. I have NO ill feelings towards you, just wanted you to know that I'm not angry. Just extremely hurt, devastated, disappointed and saddened by all the events that have taken place. That's all! (((HUGS)))
  7. CW I keep thinking about your response, especially this comment here. First let me say that it's hard to read someone's attitude or emotions in written form sometimes. I'm not angry, I am hurt,disappointed, devastated and even saddened. I know I have the right to be angry but I'm not! You know when I have responded to your post as well as others I've always tried to be careful about not putting a hurtful label on any of you! Your Comment was hurtful and judgmental when this is the place where we are supposed to be able to go to vent, share and open with out judgment. So next time if I share and if I am angry I will make sure to say that I am. At my age I have no problem saying so, thanks... Just wanted to share that thought as I'm going through enough right now, but I'm not angry 🙂
  8. So I will survive or die trying!
  9. Thanks for all the love and support! CW, church is definitely not a place for me right now as they were some of the most back stabbing vicious people that helped the ex do what he did. Any way I discovered that I still have my since of humor or I have lost my mind completely! I moved into an apartment and on the 3rd day this guy with a white mullet introduces himself. Offers to help me move stuff, he has NO teeth, then says, "when we have sex "! I looked at him and calmly said to him that he was crazy and creepy, and he needs to get away from me because I never gave him or anyone else the idea or impression of any of that! BTW , I paid for movers so no one helped but them My apartment is next door to the owner with extra security:) and my dog is here to...🙂
  10. Thanks toosoon. Wish a cup of tea was the answer and hormones was the problem but can't say it is! Had the good ol hysterectomy 27 years ago, right when dh and I were trying to have a baby! I'm sorry your having a rough year as well, hope that your tea and pj's bring you comfort, and I really mean that . I just wish it was 1 year, I could do 1 year, Hell, I've done 1 year over and over and over...... Anyways, best of luck to you, I have to get back to moving again, whilst I ponder my reasonable expectations about life
  11. sudnlysngl


    what I don't understand is how in the world do they afford it and their houses too? And most of those people don't seem bothered by it.
  12. Thanks Julester I'm by the space center in Florida How about a moving party starting Thursday? The weather is nice here Funny thing is I used to tell my kids that life isn't "fair", fair is where you go get on rides and have fun! That used to piss them off, lol I know I will pull myself up by my boot straps as the ol saying goes, but damn I'm tired of the crap , ya know? It would be nice if things would go ok for once, just once.... Know anyone who wants to buy a 2016 RV? It's really nice Selling it for $21,000 it's a pull behind 35 footer, 3 slide outs and I have clear title It's mine, have all the details if anyone wants , let me know Again thanks Mike and Jules, I knew I could come here and put my heart out and be real. ❤️
  13. Thanks Mike😏 Just found out my dog is dying too, 😥, has cancer so doesn't have much longer. Vet won't do surgery and can't really afford it, but at least he can go with me.
  14. All of us hear that it's going to get better with time! Well guess what? It's been 12 years now for me and it has NOT! My family turned away from me when they learned that there really isn't a death lottery , or wasn't one for me! All my friends couldn't handle my sadness, and my best friend died too within the first year and a half! My son had just gotten back from Iraq, couldn't handle losing dad, so he threw mom away too! No matter how many times I've reached out to him! Everyone of our pets died within that first year right in front of me , like I was being punished for taking good care of him while he was sick or something! Dh's only sister died within the year and half after him, and I got to the hospital just in time to see her taken off of life support, oh lucky me, NOT! I allowed myself to be vulnerable and let someone in my life after 5.5 years, and he stole me blind! Little by little, he was poisoning me too! But I should trust people? Really? Because of that jerk had to sell my home of 26 years, daughter said I could live with her, she had come back home to many times to count, even had her baby 2 days before her dad died. Now 7 months later I'm having to move after staying in a camper instead of the extra bedroom, spending money I should be saving, cause she is to lazy to clean up and make room for mom like I did for her. Forget that I still haven't had the surgery I was suppose to have had a YEAR ago! Oh, and she acts like it's no big deal! All I can do at this point is cry and feel used and like I've been thrown away again! I've always been good to others, believing that what goes around comes back around good and bad. So I've done my best to be a good person and help others, not bother people when you shouldn't, and just be there for family and such. I'm so hurt that this is where it has gotten me!!! All Alone and almost broke and on the streets, thanks friends and family!
  15. Fuck this life I didn't sign up for! fuck the crazy ex who keeps stalking me, even though he is remarried now, not even a year later! Stalking me so much that I am the one who is having to move again because of his bullshit! FUCK HIM AND WHAT IT'S COSTING ME! I can't even settle in enough to get the damn surgery I need so badly, so I will probably run out of money and end up homeless somewhere, my biggest fucking fear in life! Now I'm pissed at dh for dying ! Again fuck this life I didn't sign up for, THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR BEING A GOOD AND KIND PERSON TO OTHERS!!!!

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