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  1. My wife donated several organs and a similar situation happened. I will say up front that there should be NO cost to the donor's family. They just need to be up front with the transplant company that they need the body back by a specific date and the company will pay for everything, otherwise there would be no donation. I imagine what is happening is that the transplant company will FLY the body to the city, but will DRIVE the body back. I imagine the company is not wanting to pay for a flight back, BUT if you tell them that they cannot have the organs unless the body is returned by a specific
  2. A few months into widowhood I took the five kids on a three week trek across the eastern part of the USA. Our first stop was in St. Louis, then to Wisconsin Dells, Chicago, Erie PA, Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty in NY, down the east coast through DC, Daytona Beach FL, Disney World in Orlando, Nashville, and back home to MO. It was a great trip but we all swore to fly to our next vacation, LOL. It was a much needed trip and we have many good memories of it.
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