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    Some Advice??

    Ooooooh. Well you can still just ignore this person. Or give a tiny acknowledgement, and then change the subject. "Yeah, that sucks. Hey guys, you'll never guess what my cat just did!"
  2. Mosaic

    Some Advice??

    Are you able to suddenly "need" to go pee when she does that?
  3. Mosaic

    This really happened.

    I thought I was a "young" widow at 41 (my wife died Aug. 30, and I've had a birthday since)... I'm so sorry to hear about your soulmate. My wife was mine, and after two weeks of fevers, a surgery to repair a complication from a surgery 2 weeks prior, her liver beginning to shut down, her mental status deteriorating, and finally them having to sedate her so she wouldn't fight the ventilator... I told them to remove life support. Even if they could have brought her back (I already knew she was gone), she'd have needed a new liver, and would have lost at least one hand and one foot... I knew she had suffered enough in her life. She was 30. I had known her a year, and we'd been married 10 months. I'll never love anyone the way I loved her. So I totally get that your wife was your soulmate. I wish you'd had more time with her in this life. But I'm sure she'll be waiting for you.
  4. First marriage to a man ended in divorce. Second marriage to a trans woman ended far too soon, when she died. I never thought I'd be a widow at age 41. She was 30.

    1. Kate


      So sorry. The accumulation of loss is also so hard.  Reading your bio it sounds like you have even more on your plate. Sending love.

    2. Mosaic


      Thank you. I have lost so much, and had so many troubles added on... And my psychiatrist is sending me for testing to confirm my diagnoses of autism and ADHD, and possibly diagnose borderline personality disorder... *sigh*


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