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  1. This is a really long story so I will try to make it short. I was at a bar near my house and saw a neighbor of mine. We started talking and realized we didn’t even know each other‘s names. We were just chatting and complaining about how our houses are falling apart and stuff. I told him that a relative had come over to fix up and paint my front stoop recently, barely even started the work, and then never came back to finish it. I also mentioned that my husband passed away in October and the neighbor was not aware of that. We talked for maybe an hour and then I went home. Fast forward to the next morning when I was leaving for work, and I see the same neighbor walking his dog. I said hello out the window of my car and he said “I will finish up tomorrow!” I just assumed he thought I was someone else and I probably had a really confused look on my face. And then he pointed to my front stoop and said he painted the front of it last night. And that he would finish the rest of it tomorrow. My initial reaction was super surprised and amazed at his kindness. But as I thought about it throughout the day I started to wonder if it was really weird. I just think it’s kind of strange to start painting on someone else’s house who you barely know without even discussing it or asking first. It’s also weird because I wanted the holes patched and some other work done to the stoop before it was painted, so now if I get that work done by a professional it’s going to just go over everything that he did. He said that he was coming today to finish it and I’m not sure what to do! Any advice? Do you think this is weird or am I overreacting?

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.


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