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  1. I'm new here. A member on WidowedVillage.com suggest I check out Widda. I'm 38 and lost my husband on Jan 27th 2019. It was completely unexpected. 

    1. laurie27


      Hi invisbeth81, I am sorry you had to join a club no one wants to join. You are a lot younger than me, however, I can related to the unexpected. My husband got sick, we didn't realize how sick, went to the hospital for 6 days and didn't come home. Take care of yourself, not always easy to do. And make sure to stay hydrated, I still cry, not as much as in the beginning, but I do try to drink my water every day. Hugs to you, I hope this site helps you as much as it has helped me. The biggest thing is to know that I am not going crazy, I am going through a crazy time in my life. 


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