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    Heart attack

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  1. Lmsmdm

    Sobbed on new girl

    Congratulations! I will assume Mildred is pleased too! 😀 (dear lord I hope that’s the dogs name ha ha)
  2. Lmsmdm

    New loss, old pain

    Hugs to you. Coming up on 8 years, and yes new events can still be hard without them.
  3. Lmsmdm

    Triggers in public

    The grocery store was a land mine for me in the early days. I’d reach for something I bought for him, and yes the tears would start flowing. Somewhere around the 6mo point, I realized that I didn’t have a meltdown, and it had actually been several trips since one had occurred. It was a chest pounding moment, and I realized I just might be ok.
  4. Lmsmdm

    OT Prayers please

    Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.
  5. Lmsmdm

    OT Prayers please

    The good doctor passed away Sunday morning. He passed of cardiac, however we were advised that his donation will help 30-40 people. My heart is broken watching my mother go thru this again. My heart is aching because I don’t even remember my life with out him in it. He was family long before he and my mother became a couple.
  6. Lmsmdm

    OT Prayers please

    Thank you you all for your prayers. Unfortunately there will be no recovery. We are now praying for brain death as opposed to cardiac so he can donate organs as well as skin, eyes and bone. Cardiac death over 50 can only donate the latter. John is 74. It is heart wrenching to watch my sweet mother go thru this once again.
  7. Lmsmdm

    OT Prayers please

    Asking for prayers for my step father and my mom.....he’s had a major stroke and being moved to John Hopkins as we speak.
  8. Lmsmdm

    Selling the house.

    It's not as bad as you think. Yes, it could use an update, but a fresh coat of paint does wonders. Talking with a realitor doesn't cost a dime. Doesn't mean you have to sign them, and the 6% can often be negotiated. Fingers crossed it all works in both your favor.
  9. Lmsmdm

    4 years ago...my post on YWBB

    I remember this day.... I remember a call for an emergency bago... I hadn't met you yet in real life, but I remember the need to go, but the reality it was not possible. Hugs to you my friend, and hope you found moments of peace.
  10. Big or small, those triggers are still out there.
  11. Lmsmdm

    December 16th Freehold NJ

    Would love to join you all, but recently been blessed with a Saturday schedule at work. Hope you have a good time.
  12. I drove Big Guy crazy lol. He was more of a neat freak than I ever will be. Drove him absolutely bonkers with shoes. They would stay, (still do haha) wherever I flip them off my feet. He started hiding them. Found the stash about 2 years after he died. Was pissed and laughed my ass off all at the same time.
  13. Lmsmdm

    Widowbago in Pennsylvania?

    FaithOverFear.....my life is crazy right now....niece getting married, blessed with working Saturday's now (with almost 22 years grrrr) and of course the lovely holidays.....will try to set one up in the new year....I'm in the Lehigh valley too.
  14. Lmsmdm


    Hugs to you Rob. I'm not a parent. As I have grown older, slowly I am taking notice of sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant apologies from my parents in a round about way. It kinda breaks my heart. My parents were far from perfect. However, NOBODY is. What I remember from my up bringing....they loved me. The displine I remember, oh dear lord did I deserve. Ha ha!! Rob, I scared the shit out of my parents. I'm pretty sure they were convinced they were going to have to support me til their dying day. You may think your words and guidance are hitting a brick wall, but they ARE listening. Hugs to you, yet again. I hit 6 years in July. Hope you found moments of peace.
  15. December of 2016. It was brutal. I so get this.

Personal Information

  • Date Widowed
  • Cause of death
    Heart attack

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