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  1. I'm so sorry, Tybec. To be sick on top of everything else triggers even more emotions during this time of year. But, you and your child WILL be just fine...even though it may not seem like it now. Sounds like you ex-guy is trying to string you along with so much contact, either that or he cluelessly thinks sending cards and the texts will allow him to not lose touch with you completely and may alleviate his feelings of guilt. If I were in your shoes and seriously ready to make a clean break, I would do what you're doing and continue to block him and delete any ways of contact. Tough to do, but you've been through worse. You can do this! Wishing you a new, happy beginning in 2020. Big ((((HUGS))))
  2. cathyr

    Marriage after widowhood

    I was sad to read that things were so difficult and became toxic for you and your wife, but am thrilled to hear that there is now renewed hope. Blending families can cause major issues that can break apart a normally strong relationship. I sounds like you and your wife are cautiously optimistic and that you will both put in the work that will make your marriage stronger in time, if it's meant to be. I'm very hopeful that everything works out for you.
  3. cathyr

    introduce yourself here

    Oh BillieAustin, I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss. Your post brings tears to my eyes as I remember those heartbreaking early days. It has been over 12 years since I lost my dear husband, and although I don't come on this site often, I felt I needed to respond to let you know you're not alone. Although my husband was terminally ill for many years, nothing could prepare me for dealing with his loss after he passed. Those early days and months were definitely very raw and when you've lost your husband suddenly, as you did, I imagine you're in a state of shock and disbelief. Please take each day one day at a time, stay hydrated, try to eat something...anything, but healthy foods will help, breathe deeply if you can, sleep when you can and hold on to those precious babies...…..they need their sweet mama. I just took shallow breaths for so long, that it hurt to breathe, until I forces myself to really breathe again. It will take quite a bit of time, but eventually things become more manageable. For me, the key was to surround myself with people that cared, even if they didn't completely understand. Also, I went to a grief support group, which help but would have been too difficult for me in the very early days. That and/or grief counseling can be very beneficial. Although I still can get teary eyed when I reminisce, my tears now are more happy and grateful tears for having had my wonderful husband in my life. Even though it's hard to imagine now, things will get better but it will take some time. Please remember to be kind to yourself. Sending you virtual hugs and support.
  4. cathyr

    Yeah, it happened

    So glad enough time passed and what was such a magnetic pull has become indifference. Happy to hear he doesn't have that hold over you anymore!
  5. cathyr

    Speed Dating?

    Best of luck, CJF, if you try the speed dating route. I also prefer getting to know someone in person first and hope all goes well for you. Let us know how you're doing.
  6. cathyr


    I know how hard all this is. I couldn't get past crying on the phone or in person each time I had to make those calls. I finally, after TWELVE years, changed the name from my late husband's to my own for my electric, water, and gas bills just last week. Can't believe I waited so long, but thought it was finally time. I had paid these bills coming to his name, but didn't even think that was strange. Ugh! My thoughts are with you!
  7. cathyr

    I Got A New Car

    Yay! Good for you!! So happy for you! You did it!
  8. cathyr

    In ER with Fiancé.

    Those past tragic experiences can certainly trigger anxiety and flashbacks to times we would like to forget, but after all these years, I still remember them all too clearly. Thank goodness nothing serious was found, but hope you both just stay vigilant. Sending prayers for continued health and strength. So glad for both of you.
  9. cathyr

    There are worse things than death

    This just breaks my heart for these precious girls' mom and family. I am in tears and in shock that something so horrific can happen to the two sweet angels. Sending heartfelt prayers.
  10. cathyr

    Just a quick hello

    Hope you are doing well, Icoxwell, despite all the sad anniversaries of so many past dates and memories. After all these years, I can definitely relate. I'm so sorry for your cousin's loss, and hope she finds comfort from you and also this site. Sending heartfelt prayers to both of you.
  11. cathyr

    Sobbed on new girl

    Congratulations. So happy for you and your loved one, Gracelet! Wishing you both many, many happy years together!
  12. cathyr

    I'm an orphan

    I'm so very sorry, Virgo, for another devastating loss. Hugs and prayers in the days and months ahead!
  13. cathyr

    Sad Loss Of WifeLess

    Oh dear Bluebird, my heart aches for you! Back during the YWBB days, I was thrilled you and Wifeless found each other, shared your love story and later your beautiful wedding pictures with us. During the years, you both offered generous and empathetic advice to others in pain, as well as rejoicing with others during their happier times. I wish we could all collectively hold you in our arms to help comfort you. I am so very sorry, Bluebird.
  14. cathyr


    I'm so sorry you are all having to deal with yet another change and can see how devastating this must feel for Araia. As long as he is reassured that your family will always be there for him and that, although your family may be physically moving to a new location, he will always have a place with you, in your heart and home, wherever you go. After all he has been through in his young life, it may take time for him to realize that he is loved and safe with you and your family wherever that may be.
  15. cathyr

    New Relationships....Post a Pic

    Rob, so thrilled for you and your precious new wife. Wishing you both many, many glorious years of happiness and love together.

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    June 2007
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