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    June 2007
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  1. cathyr

    New Relationships....Post a Pic

    Rob, so thrilled for you and your precious new wife. Wishing you both many, many glorious years of happiness and love together.
  2. cathyr

    In the path of Hurricane Florence

    Yes, hoping all of our fellow wids and families have stayed safe and also that their homes/shelters have been spared. Heartfelt prayers sent for all those affected.
  3. cathyr

    Rambling about missing her

    After all these years, I still "get it" The longing and missing are still there but get more manageable. Just keep doing what you're doing and make your sweet wife proud, as I'm sure she is!
  4. cathyr

    OT Prayers please

    Oh, I am so very sorry! My prayers for all involved and love and peace during this difficult time.
  5. cathyr

    Back to ground zero

    I'm so sorry to read this TooSoon. Sometimes life piles on more than we think we can handle, especially when we have to face big life changes alone. Although the news is devastating and a huge blow, I'm glad it was caught before it could jeopardize your daughter's health further. Sending heartfelt prayers for strength and peace for you and your sweet daughter.
  6. Thin crust pizza with red sauce. Scrambled or over-easy eggs?
  7. cathyr

    Heads up to new members

    Thank you, BH2, for passing on the comfort in knowing that new widows/widowers have a place to land. I don't know what I would have done without the support of my fellow YWBB widows/ers. I can also attest that, although life still holds it's challenges after more than ten years, it has become manageable. I never believed it in the early days, but please have faith that slowly and surely, joy will find you.
  8. cathyr

    I took a walk today...

    Beautiful sentiment, Maureen....and so true.
  9. cathyr

    The worst night I’ve had in a long while

    Rant away all you want. For me, work related stress can trigger all kinds of emotions and intensify any other issues going on in my life. I hope your work dynamics settle down and relieve some of your anxiety. Just wanted to let you know that you are heard and I'm sending virtual hugs and positive thoughts your way.
  10. cathyr


    So happy to hear the good news, Maureen. To be dealt that extra blow after two devastating losses, you sure deserve some peace of mind and good things to come your way.
  11. Down duvet when it's cold and you need snuggly around you. We don't get that much that around here in Texas. but it still feels good on those super cold days. Favorite cold weather soups/stews? Tortilla, Gumbos, Chowders?
  12. cathyr

    Am I being unreasonable?

    Oh my gosh! You were busy and since she doesn't seem to be, she can't handle it. Besides the fact that August is a tough month emotionally, you also had your hands full with working more than usual, your mom's needs (I'm right there with my mom and dad, and it IS all consuming!), grandkids, home, etc... If she has been a good friend in the past, I wouldn't sweat it and see if things calm down a bit. She needs to understand that you can still maintain a friendship even if some months are busy for one or the other. When this happens with my dear friends, they tend to understand and we just get together when we can and pick up where we left off. If she can't handle it and continues to be needy, maybe its time to cool the friendship to an acquaintance level.
  13. Trying, I hear you! Much of my recent life has been similar to what you describe. I've remarried, and although I'm glad to be out of the worst of my intense grieving, I'm struck with the differences in my life then and now. At times, I long for the simplicity and joy of the past, but am very grateful for what the future holds. Congratulations on the new chapter in your life and wishing you all the happiness in the world.
  14. cathyr

    Empty Arm

    What beautiful sentiments, Jeudi. I’m so sorry you and so many others are going through all these important milestones without the loving presence of our dearly departed spouses. You have given your daughter several heartfelt ideas, and she will do whatever she feels most comfortable doing on her special day. I know it’s particularly difficult for our children, and we want to ease the pain of their loss, but they may each respond differently. My son graduated from culinary school, married, and had our first grandbaby since his dad passed away ten years ago, and it still hurts…all of us. Still we keep living and make the best of this new life without our loved ones. Personally, my sons and I honor him by showing the passion he had in life. The wedding plans sound absolutely lovely. Although your daughter's dear father won’t be there in person, hopefully his love and spirit will be deeply felt. I love the idea of the charm, photos, mementos, and stories to keep his memory alive. Wishing you, your daughter and all the loved ones surrounding you on this special occasion a day filled with precious new memories.
  15. cathyr

    I still feel so disconnected

    I'm so sorry Still_Lost. I have no words of wisdom, but please believe...you are not alone. I wish I could reach through the computer screen and give you a ((((big hug))))! Sending warm and positive vibes that the heavy feeling and weight of the pain lifts a little bit each day. Hang in there!

Personal Information

  • Date Widowed
    June 2007
  • Cause of death


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