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  1. I really appreciate the responses. You might be surprised how willing guys are to just come out and ask how J died, even early on in starting to talk. Which then puts me in the position of having to be or seem evasive. I try not to set people up for that but it has happened on multiple occasions where I think I’m walking the line (dribs and drabs as you say, Mike) and not offering too much or steering the conversation in that direction and then WHAM the guy will just directly ask how my husband died. I think that’s pretty bad form but it has happened so many times I started to think it was nor
  2. I’m new to this forum. I lost my husband to suicide by a self-inflicted GSW last Mother’s Day. He was an army veteran who served 2 tours in Iraq. I was completely blindsided by what he chose to do. And he did it while my children and I were in the house. I have two kids under 5. I’m 35. I’m still struggling with grief and trauma but have reached a stage where I contemplate dating and remarrying. I want to find a good partner for myself and solid man to be step-father for my girls. However, I’m not sure this is even possible because of the stigma attached to suicide. Virtually every
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