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  1. donswife

    Late Bloomer

    I am a bit over the three year mark and although we didn't have kids I do feel that rebellious side. I think the true reality , even if delayed , seems to creep in at this timeline. This is our new life and I just didn't want it to be the truth. So be kind to yourself and do what you need ..pitch a fit , yell as loud as you want , do whatever you need to do.:) It has been said before grieving doesn't have a timeline Take Care
  2. donswife

    6 yrs. and going

    Hope you have a lovely Spa day even if little parts of the day may be a bit sad , Hugs to you
  3. Fuck that both my lawnmowers decided to crapout , really both , and the same day ! I will get them fixed , I am sure it's something simple , but just fucking sick of days like this that make it so hard
  4. I love anything by David Sedaris. Written or especially spoken , He always gets me to laugh.
  5. donswife

    Just Another Dead Dog Story

    I am so sorry Our pets are our best friends ,therapist and our family So they are truly missed when they are gone
  6. Christine , I agree you are not grieving backwards this is all so hard and to add betrayal from a "friend" and having to deal with financial issues is awful Someone on this board had a quote that I cherished and it got me through some really rough days "On particularly rough days when I am sure I can't possible endure,I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that's pretty good " Please be gentle with yourself and lean on us when you need Take Care
  7. donswife


    Hugs to you Brokenheart2 I hope the weekend was kind to you take care
  8. donswife

    How We can help Each Other!

    Amazing Post . One of the reasons I rely on this forum is the wonderful people and posts. They seem to always come when needed most I thank you all
  9. Fuck you hot water heater ...only 4 years old and just needed a part But company who it was bought from ...POOF , Gone !! No part , No warrenty so I now need brand new system Just so fucking tired of having to make decisions alone !!!
  10. donswife

    And now I'm older than he got to be.

    Yes I totally get it .... This just happened to me this past weekend I was away with family and friends but still always had that feeling that is it so unfair that he didn't get to have any more birthdays and I am now older then he will ever be and it sucks
  11. I appreciate your post Such honest feelings and heartbreak that we feel You nailed it with what you wrote Hugs to you
  12. thank you so much for bumping this thread It is so on point and truly says it all Beautifully written
  13. donswife

    I Don't Miss Him, I Miss Us

    Yes I miss us ..so much The private jokes , the same sense pf humor and just the fact that someone had your back no matter what I could go on and on Thank for starting this post
  14. thank you for sharing what an amazing picture Good luck on your journey
  15. donswife

    "This is Us"

    I had stopped watching that show awhile ago , was sad to watch when I knew her husband had died But it some how popped up on my face book .. the actual scene in the hospital Stupid me clicked on and the tears flowed Hugs to you all

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