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  1. donswife

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    I am having computer issues so just Wanted to give a yes to coming Saturday I won’t need to stay at the condo as I have a place to stay
  2. donswife

    Had to say goodbye to our "son"

    So sorry , Our pets become our comfort and support Hugs to you
  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I also remember just walking in a haze and being numb. It was just to hard to comprehend and my mind wouldn't let it all sink in. I'm glad you are going to get see someone , just talking about it will helps some. and keep posting /reading here take care
  4. donswife

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    I think I could also come saturday /saturday night
  5. donswife

    I am not fine.

    I hear you and I can see how this trying to be" fine "is exhausting. Please keep posting here as It has helped me at times when it all seemed so hard Take care
  6. "Always missed. Always remembered. Always a treasured part of me." This is wonderful and so true . Looked like a beautiful sunset and I can see why this is a place that holds your heart.
  7. donswife

    I miss being loved

    Yes , this so much ! I miss having the person who knew you better then you knew yourself and just miss that smile that was just for you Thank you for this post
  8. I am so sorry you have to be here. Keep reaching out and truly just be gentle with yourself and try to get through one minute, day at a time. and yes the grocery store is a tough one ...sunglasses and tissues were needed Take Care
  9. donswife

    Southern Maine coast -- September or October

    This sounds great , let me know if you have specific dates in mind
  10. donswife

    CT area Bago June 10th at Wheelerswife's new digs!

    I wish I could make this but my I won't be able to this time and like Hachi said I hope people don't hesitate to go ! It is a wonderful experience
  11. donswife

    Late Bloomer

    I am a bit over the three year mark and although we didn't have kids I do feel that rebellious side. I think the true reality , even if delayed , seems to creep in at this timeline. This is our new life and I just didn't want it to be the truth. So be kind to yourself and do what you need ..pitch a fit , yell as loud as you want , do whatever you need to do.:) It has been said before grieving doesn't have a timeline Take Care
  12. donswife

    6 yrs. and going

    Hope you have a lovely Spa day even if little parts of the day may be a bit sad , Hugs to you
  13. Fuck that both my lawnmowers decided to crapout , really both , and the same day ! I will get them fixed , I am sure it's something simple , but just fucking sick of days like this that make it so hard
  14. I love anything by David Sedaris. Written or especially spoken , He always gets me to laugh.
  15. donswife

    Just Another Dead Dog Story

    I am so sorry Our pets are our best friends ,therapist and our family So they are truly missed when they are gone

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