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  • Date Widowed
    oct 18 2014
  • Cause of death
    heart attack

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  1. donswife

    A widow for 12 day now

    I am so sorry that you have to be a part of this group but I do hope this helps any way it can. Remember you are doing the best you can and by just putting one foot in front of the other is sometimes an accomplishment and some days you may not even want to do that . if possible when people offer to help Please take then up on it ! it does help them and you. hugs to you and your children
  2. donswife

    Just overwhelming

    Virgo : So well said . It seems that sometimes when you feel you have a full tank of gas ,emotionially, one small or not so small hiccup sets it back to empty. Having to deal with all of the things in life is so hard. Before we had someone we loved for back-up and this is truly missed.
  3. Good for you and to all of us who made it through this holiday, how ever you did it
  4. donswife

    3 things I did today

    1. Got my snowblowers to work despite not test driving them before the 2 feet of snow 2.I was proud of myself that I just didn’t stay in my comfy bed and ignore the storm but got up and got things done ! 3.Actually ended up enjoy the snow after all the work was done. helps having a black lab that adores the snow
  5. donswife

    3 things I did today

    I was a bit sad about how silent this has gotten , so I decided to bring up an old favorite : Three things I did today 1. I got up , yay for me 2. Meet with friends and family at a christmas fair , yes I know a bit early .. 3. I was able to get my house ready for winter , putting away lawn mowers and (ugh ) getting snow blowers out I am not going to lie these things are always hard, as this in the past ,this was never my job but as we all know we do our best Fell free to add anything that got you through the day
  6. love2fish- Thanks so much for putting in the effort ! Sorry it didn't work out this time !
  7. Laurie27- I do remember this . I think in the beginning you are in shock and your body and brain are in auto pilot. Once some time goes by it hits harder as the reality of this can't be avoided...like they really aren't coming home...sigh. but keep doing what you can , getting out everyday ,even if just for cat food :) is a good way to keep connected. Becoming isolated is so tempting but can be hard to get out of that habit once it starts Don't get me wrong hunkering down on the couch watching netflix for hours can also sooth the soul. Hugs to you
  8. donswife

    Labor Day 2019

    Yes labor day is a tough one , it would’ve been out 28 th wedding anniversary...ugh but I made sure it was filled with distractions and I also allowed myself a day to just feel whatever I needed to feel . Hugs to you all who found this weekend a little harder then most
  9. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. Please keep reaching out here , we will be here to help
  10. donswife

    I Got A New Car

    Good for you !!
  11. donswife

    Wells Maine - June 14 - 16

    Yes another weekend would be great , thanks again for the offer
  12. donswife

    There are worse things than death

    How horrible. Not sure what else to say I hope she has people around her to help if they can
  13. donswife

    Ashby MA, Flash Bago

    Yes thank you so much . It was a lovley afternoon with such wonderful people Glad we got to be a part of your loving tribute to Teri
  14. I don't think you are nuts at all. I seem to feel or sense my husband around at certain times. He smoked a certain brand of cigars and friends and family have told me out of the blue they can sometimes smell the cigar I like the idea of this ,so for whatever reason it's happening I welcome it
  15. Fuck this week! Whatever puppet master that is in control of life's master plan is an asshole ! I will wake up tomorrow and I will go to work and I will get through this, as we all do. But I miss the most important person in my life that with just one hug would erase the anger and pain Thanks for the vent...much needed

Personal Information

  • Date Widowed
    oct 18 2014
  • Cause of death
    heart attack

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