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  1. Hi Mary. This resonated with me and felt I had to reply to you. My husband died 4 weeks ago with cancer aged 63. Our husband's were far too young to die and I too would love to be held by him, and cannot accept he has gone. Dreams of growing old together, trips away ect all diminished. I am pleased to hear grief counselling has helped, its something I'm considering. Life just seems so unfair doesn't it.
  2. Hi, I'm constantly reliving the events of my husband's death, hearing the nurse say hes died, not feeling his heartbeat. I still carnt believe it has happened. I wish I could have signs hes with me. I just feel in shock and disbelief. I 6dont feel the same person I'm bitter, and angry at others who are older than him and are ok(he was 63, but a young 63) cancer robbed me of him before he died. Constantly looking back. He has been gone 4 weeks.
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    Thank you to you both. Its reassuring that others feel that way, not caring if you do die. I am waiting on counselling from loros, so that is a plus. I will start on the water, I focused so much on my husband, as we all do. I am going to try and do something every day, friends are encouraging me to go back to cooking again, I have two grown up sons with me, my youngest is going back to college next week. I know how fortunate I am to have them, it's when the cold thoughts come into my head. Bless you both x
  4. Tigerlilly


    Thank you so much. It's when I have to deal with things I get overwhelmed, like today. I honestly felt like raising my hands up and giving up on life. For a few minutes I honestly felt like taking his tablets and joining him. I know what people can say and think but the depression is just overwhelming at times.xx
  5. Tigerlilly


    Hi paul, thank you for your reply. I'm new at all this forum stuff, I am so sorry to hear about your wife, she was so young. My husband was 63 but a young 63, and it was cancer. I honestly carnt believe it never smoked, wasnt a drinker, only a pint on a hot day in the garden.
  6. Tigerlilly


    Hi I hate the term widow,but thats what i am. My husband died 3 weeks 3 days ago. I honestly cannt believe it.

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