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  1. hopon

    Sad Loss Of WifeLess

    Dear Bluebird, I was so sorry to hear of the loss of Wifeless. I haven't been on this board for quote a while as I lost my husband in 2007. But checking in after my friend's husband passed away, I noticed your post. I remember reading all of your posts and that of your husband. Your words of compassion and wisdom helped me during such a dark period that lasted for years. I hope that the light shines on you again and you find happiness and peace. You wrote such beautiful words about your husband. He was a wonderful man.
  2. I’m coming up on 11 years in December. Hard to believe how much I miss him after all these years. Would love to be celebrating Thanksgiving with him. Love to all of you and wishing you peace.
  3. My beloved husband has been gone for 10 years. Seeing that in print is shocking. My kids were 15, 11 and 7 when he passed away and now they are all grown up and out on their own leaving me an empty nester. 6 months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve had surgery and chemotherapy. This diagnosis and treatment has made me long for my husband. I just wish he were here with me. I am lying here in bed with his pajamas that still have his smell after all these years. I miss him so very much.
  4. Today is my son’s engagement party. I was sitting in the hair salon and the lady fixing my hair wanted to know why I looked so glum. I didn’t have the energy to tell her that on this day, I really wanted my husband to be here with us. Buts he’s not and I am about to head to a party with 200 people and I need to put a smile on my face. Lee, I wish you could see your boy all grown up and engaged to a beautiful and kind young lady. I love you always and I miss you so very, very much.
  5. hopon

    Sleep overs

    OMG. Thank you for all the replies so I can see how everyone else is handling this. I've been dating the same guy (who happens to be my neighbor) for over a year. He is divorced and has his kids every other week which gives us some privacy. My daughter is 14 and is in the same class as his son (major yuck factor). I am fairly religious and my kids were taught no sex before marriage (does anyone still believe in that) so I have been careful not to set the wrong example. One night my daughter came home and I forgot to put away the overnight bag and my daughter spotted it. Now every time she goes away, it's the same question - are you spending the night with him? I can't answer the question with a straight face. Now my boys are about to come home from college and my play time will be very limited. Am I just an embarrassed mom or should I come right out and tell them that yes - mommy is having fun. (That will really make them ill)


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