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  1. StillWidowed

    Mother upset with new relationship, advice?

    Controlling and overbearing mother.......controlling and abusive first marriage? Something to think about.
  2. StillWidowed

    Still crying constantly and so lonely

    Avemaria6, I'm so sorry for the loss of your husband. It is not only emotionally hard, but physically as well. I remember thinking, how can I possibly still be alive when I'm in this much pain? Eight months is still so raw. For me as the shock wore off, the pain started increasing. Just know that in time, it will get easier. Reach out to your family as much as possible and stay connected to others going thru the same thing. Be gentle with yourself and keep coming here to post.
  3. StillWidowed

    Belief and Grief

    Thanks Tybec. Not sorting at all. Was just wondering where others landed.
  4. StillWidowed

    Belief and Grief

    I was looking to start a conversation regarding death and a person's faith/or lack of it. Did it deepen your faith or cause you to turn from it? Are you in the camp of there is no after life? Please post if you care to share your thoughts on the subject.
  5. Hi trying2. I haven't been on in awhile so I went back a little to catch up on the posts here. The statement that bothered me the most is your comment about how it would be nice if you'd get a sweet text like the one he sent his ex. That is just heartbreaking. The kind of treatment and expressions of love that you're craving, he's giving to someone else. Not you. Not his girlfriend. Not the woman he's asking to move in together with....but his ex. Please continue to follow your instincts and listen to that gnawing feeling in your gut. Someone that loves you should be whispering sweet nothings in your ear, and not texting them to his ex.
  6. StillWidowed

    My Little Rant.....

    Sorry to hear this Captain's Wife. I was wondering how things were going with you. I know you had posted things were dicey. Navigating post widowhood relationships can be a challenge. I'm ok with dating right now. I figure if I can go to work, go to church, go to stores, I can meet someone and have a bite to eat. Just don't try to stick your tongue down my throat.
  7. StillWidowed

    My Little Rant.....

    Hi Portside. Hope you're doing well. For this area, unfortunately, it's the same people over and over on many different dating sites. I usually use the free ones since it was the same people on those as the paying sites in the past, but decided to check out Match again to see if maybe there might be some different people now. Nope. Same people as on the free sites. I do believe it's tougher as a woman, especially one that has standards and knows what she wants. Blah blah blah...... put all that aside for a minute and just have fun and date and not take it seriously. Right? But like Julester wrote "if the journey is no freaking furn, it's hard to see any sort of finish line". These guys, I've noticed lately, are REALLY aggressive! Maybe it's been all the no contact stuff with COVID and they've got to get their groove on. So I think right now it's just making the weeding that much harder and my back really hurts! And let's face it. I ain't gettin' any younger. I've got a good life, just get lonely for companionship sometimes <sigh>
  8. StillWidowed

    My Little Rant.....

    So I've dipped my toes back into the online dating crap...I mean thing. I swear it gets worse each time I try it. The guys get uglier and my patience gets lost in the need to literally reach thru the screen and slap them upside their head. I live in the ugly capital of the state! Ok, northeast......eh face it, United States. It's literally a standing joke around here. I take care of myself, why aren't they? Damnit, teeth ARE required! So my last few dates consisted of a guy that told me I was guarded (ummm yeah, I was afraid you were going to try and pants me at the table, you aggressive shit), another guy that seemed nice, but when he asked if he could kiss me, and I said no, that was that. Hey, I like to take things slow and we're in the middle of a pandemic! Elbow bumping for now! The third date asked if we could go into a dark mall parking lot and make out. I instantly saw my face on the 11:00 news. Now do you understand why I told bachelor #2 no kiss? I've been informed by family and friends that I should have started a journal long ago because I'd be a millionaire by now. Laura Clery ain't got nuttin' on me. It's been kinda quiet in here, so I thought I would post. I could say a whole lot more, get even more politically incorrect, but I fear retribution from those people that actually met and married thru online dating. Oy vey!
  9. Hello! I hope everyone is safe and healthy. So I have a question about this thread. It's named between budding and fully committed. As some of you have been dating someone for quite a while now, do you feel your relationship is still not fully committed? If so, are you ok with that? Do you want more?
  10. StillWidowed


    Hang on a minute Mike. Stephen has not experienced the loss of a partner. He was simply dating a widow and looking for advice. This forum is for us. The widows and widowers of partners, common law spouses, gay and lesbian couples, etc. We don't have many forums unique to our situation, especially when loss happens so young. I'm with faye on this one.
  11. StillWidowed

    Thanks to my fellow wids

    I'm glad you're doing better tybec. I remember coming out of my first post widow relationship. I completely lost myself in that relationship like you. It's hard to navigate this new life with a heart that's been broken over the one we loved so much. (((Hugs)))
  12. StillWidowed

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    Tybec, that's a good plan. I do the same at times. Take breaks for awhile. I have a busy life, so sometimes it's nice not to have to feel obligated to do the whole chit chat and meet thing.
  13. StillWidowed

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    Virgo, I go thru those phases. Depends on how much energy I have. I went out with a guy that is 12 years younger than me on Saturday night. Zzzzzzzzz couldn't get out of the restaurant fast enough. There was a guy next to us and we chatted some about the Titans Ravens game. Here he's on the dating site, messaged me the next day, and asked me out. Pretty funny, but not my type. I date now just for something to do
  14. StillWidowed

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    "No" or "I'm not interested" with those kinds of guys, to them, means try harder.
  15. StillWidowed

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    That's awesome Virgo. And I knew two weeks after I met DH, and so did he. But there was no push to jump in the sack right away. I knew he was genuinely interested in me. It's a gut thing, and I'm going to listen to it. Oh, and he texted me again, with no change on his part. Just taking my temperature to see if I'd changed my mind and was panicking because he'd disappeared. I made it very clear, I had not!

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