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  1. Huh? SS, I'm not understanding how you are reading that sentence as offensive. Where/how did I suggest it's okay for a woman to be played? Why would any thinking human think that? Let me try to clarify - I think it harder for the ladies than the guys due to reasons of security mainly, but also plenty of guys are buttheads that ask or allude to sex pretty damn quickly. I've had the odd, too fast request myself, but I just laughed it off. I wasn't afraid. Turn the tables and I imagine a woman would be both annoyed and a bit afraid. I could be wrong though. Best wishes - Mike
  2. Ronda - I have now been married for ten years following the death of my late wife. I met my current wife through a faith-based online site. I found it to be a wonderful experience - a great opportunity to meet a bunch of new folks. Oh, there were some rough patches along the way, but by in large, a very positive experience. I think the big difference between online dating and the in person version is you automatically reject a bunch of guys in real life without any real contact. You know, you notice body language, looks, the way they walk (confident, beat down, neutral), etc. just by observation. They, and you, have rejected them from the pool of possible candidates for a bunch of reasons. You just know some of them aren't for you. It's all good. That's much harder to do in the online space. Sure, you have a profile to read but that doesn't give you much, so, a physical meet is needed to be set up and followed through with. And, when you meet, it's just the two of you usually. Not in a (many times) a group setting doing it the old fashioned way. The result of this then is you have to meet a lot of frogs to identify a possible prince. It's hard work! Then of course it is harder for women than the men now a days. There are fewer available men as a matter of demographics. More players than you'd meet in real life. We're all older and have already partially build our lives with someone else - but now that is gone. It's not like we are starting off our adult lives with one guy. We're trying to get it started again but this time jumping into the middle. Not easy. But, like I stated earlier, it can be done. Just keep at it - don't drop what is important to you but, at the same time, be open to new situations and personality types. I was lucky to have a ball dating online. I learned something important from each and every woman I went out with, even though many were not for me - and I not for them. My current wife and I knew instantly we were meant for each other. Blending our families, finances, and faith was painless. Try to approach it as an adventure and to just have fun. The right guy is out there, but it may take a bit of searching to find him. He is looking just as hard for you. Really! :) Good luck and best wishes - Mike
  3. Portside

    Need help - completely broken

    Hi Redhed. Sorry that you are going through this rough patch. Any major disruption in one's life, such as this is, is bound to cause a fair measure of anxiety and to reopen old wounds. It's normal. You mentioned that perhaps you hadn't processed fully your emotions/grief from way back when. Maybe - it's hard to say. I found that my romantic relationships were most fruitful after I learned to be happy all by myself. That wasn't easy for me but after I concentrated on being happy with where I was at the moment, all else went easier. Perhaps that is a positive step forward for you. None of this is easy. Good luck - Mike
  4. Portside

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    Table for three? 🤣
  5. Portside

    Feeling lost

    Hi Bx3 - the easy answer is I built a new life for myself. I'm not trying to sound flip but that's what was necessary for me. My late wife was not the only thing that died when she passed. Some relationships, some attachments to places and some habits went away also. Not all necessarily negative btw. I took the initiative when I was able and rebuilt certain things and started building a new life around new points of interest, new people and a new reality. I viewed it as a new adventure. I had to. I couldn't mope around forever. We had a good run but sadly, she was gone now and I needed to continue on with my life. Good luck - none of this is easy. Mike
  6. Portside

    The Lack of Sympathy

    I hear ya. I flip back and forth between thinking many folks are idiots or many folks don't put their thinking caps on before speaking. I will say many folks don't observe carefully and therefore, can't make informed, thoughtful comments to other people. Many also are too quick with the "me too" crap and want to tell you how hard they have it when they haven't carefully listened to what we are saying. It does make you want to slap them, doesn't it? 🙂 Best wishes - Mike
  7. Portside

    introduce yourself here

    Hi GT - sorry to hear about your dear husband. I had a running buddy that passed with the same condition. It sounds like you are keeping to a great attitude - wonderful! A good attitude will save you when nothing else will. Best wishes - Mike
  8. Portside

    I lost my job today

    What they probably did was submit you for an additional position that was open even though you didn't interview specifically for it. This letter is a standard rejection letter that is sent to all candidates that didn't get the spot. You may still be in the running for the other spots you interviewed for. I'd be willing to bet all rejected candidates get the same basic letter, regardless of whether or not the spot went to an internal or external candidate. I don't know anything specific about how OSU does it, but many firms have internal candidates in mind for a specific spot when they post it. They may have a requirement that the position must be posted even though they are planning to offer it to a already known internal person. It's maddening I know. Mike
  9. Portside

    Some Advice??

    I find a throat punch usually works. 🤣 No, honestly, I have never discovered a way to get these type of people to shut up.
  10. Christopher, I don't know where to start with you. On the (extremely) off chance you aren't a troll. . . . You said - ". . . . reached out to tens of thousands of women. . . . . " Really? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha (deep breath) Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Leave the nice ladies alone here. Sure, they have their moments, but they are nice women simply trying to make their way through a rough world and don't deserve to be baited or toyed with. Wow Dude, you amaze me. Thanks for the comic relief. (I'm waving good bye with my pinky finger - I'm certain you'll catch the reference.) Mike
  11. Portside

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    Wow. From a simple competitive point of view, guys like this make it so much easier for a plain, straight up, normal guy. I don't even know what to say about this fella. This can't possibly be a winning strategy - can it?
  12. Portside

    Young widows??

    Beat me to it SS! 🤣 Seriously though, good advice for your stated goals.
  13. Portside

    Days on repeat

    Hi Sc39. If you are worried about any possible side affects of your prescribed meds, talk to your Dr. right away. All prescription medications have possible side affects but those are usually a very remote possibility. If the Dr has suggested them, take as directed please. If they are not for you, you'll know and then should revisit them with your Dr. and another plan of attack will be drawn up. Please don't get caught up in what others say about your treatment. That is, don't listen to your hairdresser, SIL or neighbors about this. They are not trained, have not conducted a medical evaluation on you and really have no business medically advising you. My late wife routinely did not follow her doctor's orders concerning her meds or treatments. The outcome was disastrous. Best wishes - Mike
  14. Portside

    Days on repeat

    Sc39 - You're right, as time passes, you will settle back into your normal life. But I am a bit worried about your last statement. If you are describing yourself accurately, it may be beneficial to seek out some professional help to allow you to move past the depression you are experiencing. While feelings of shock and aimlessness seem to strike us all after the death of a spouse, depression and the feeling that it is getting worse can be made a little more tolerable with timely care. Please consider reaching out for a bit of help. I'm pulling for you. Mike
  15. Portside

    Is death the end?

    This may help you: http://www.mysticsofthechurch.com/2010/02/what-is-meaning-of-life-why-are-we-here.html This is from a Catholic point of view but, most other faiths teach largely similar ideas. Reach out to me via PM if you wish for more detail. Best wishes, Mike

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    March 2007
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