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  1. Blue14


    I lost my husband to kidney cancer too. What an awful disease. Please don't hesitate to vent here. We all get it. You aren't alone. I'd give anything to have my husband annoy me just one more time. Much love to you.
  2. Blue14

    Sad Loss Of WifeLess

    I am so sorry. There are no words.
  3. One of my coworkers is trying to assist a recent widow who speaks limited English (my coworker speaks limited Mandarin). They are doing OK with the legal and logistical things, but she is, understandably, having a tough time and could really use someone whose been there to talk to in her first language. I offered to check here to see if anyone could help. Thanks!
  4. Blue14

    It is NOT a Facebook moment - Update

    You are brave and strong. You can do this.
  5. Blue14

    Nightline 4/25/17

    TooSoon, that is the most f'ed up thing I've ever read. Truly despicable. I am so sorry. I would never wish membership in this club on anyone, but I wish they could feel what it's like for a few hours.
  6. Blue14

    Nor'easter 2017 roll call

    Dug out once over in Bethlehem. No sign of a plough yet. Will dig out a second (and probably third and fourth) time after that. Drinking lots of coffee and working remotely. Hope you can get to NYC tomorrow!
  7. Blue14

    I did it...

    Congratulations and well done!
  8. Blue14

    website hosting

    Done and thank you!
  9. Blue14

    2017...what will be different/better for you?

    To pull myself out of the downward spiral I've been in the last four months and try to find some, any, measure of happiness. Or at least a desire to have a future. Thanks, everyone, for being here. I don't post often, but reading helps.
  10. Blue14

    Gord Downie

    I love it too. He's an amazing person. I feel so lucky to be going. Xox to you too and see you on the 15th!
  11. Blue14

    My oncologist...my touchstone

    Wonderful news!
  12. Blue14

    Gord Downie

    Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! It's so good to know that people get it. And, TS, fucking GMB is right. I thought of you immediately during the press conference. I did manage to get two tickets through the fan club pre-sale to one of their shows in Toronto by constantly refreshing the page on two laptops. I'm going with Bob's sister. This seems fitting.
  13. Blue14

    Gord Downie

    My husband's favourite band of all time was the Tragically Hip. He was at Queen's University when they were starting out. They became one of my favourites too (second only to Pearl Jam); the soundtrack of so many (mis)adventures. The band announced yesterday that their lead singer, Gord Downie, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I got the news alert from the CBC first thing yesterday morning and sobbed for half an hour. I am just gutted. I feel so terrible for his family and friends and this journey in front of them. And I feel like another piece of Bob is being ripped away. I wanted to share with people I knew would understand.
  14. Blue14

    Mother's Day

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hate it too. I could never get pregnant despite years of trying. Each Mother's Day is a stab in the heart that is even worse since I lost Bob. If we'd been able to have a child at least I'd still have a piece of him and would still be part of a family. Big hugs to you.
  15. I can't help with the Jesuits, but wanted to say I think this is wonderful. They'd be lucky to get you!

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