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  1. Wishing you and everyone a calm, peaceful day and the strength to get through it. Eventually the better memories of past Valentine’s will overpower these sadder ones.
  2. Hello everyone, As I have tried to do around this time of year, I am bumping up this post for newbies or others that might be interested in lighting a virtual candle in remembrance of their loved one. The site still seems to be working. I hope it can bring some small amount of peace to all of us that long for it during this holiday season . https://gratefulness.org/light-a-candle/ Ginger
  3. Thank you Lewis. Hopefully we can get some new bago opportunities going soon.
  4. I have been to many Widowbagos over the years and grifters or unwanted people has not been an issue. Bagos either take place in a public location or at someone’s home. In the case of a home gathering, private information such as address or phone # is discouraged from being posted online. You would have to become a member to private message the person hosting the private gathering to get specific address or contact information. Being able to see the Widowbago section without being a member has not caused a problem on this current board or the original board, at least not that I am aware of. I
  5. I was wondering why the Widowbago meetings section only shows up if you sign in as a member? There may be new widows/widowers that haven’t the confidence to sign up as a member right away. They may not realize that there are ways to meet up with members in-person, in or near their location, to get additional support and understanding without feeling judged. It seems to be is a valuable piece that I know had been very helpful to me. Sometimes the human connection with people who understand is extraordinarily important. That is why I don’t understand why it seems you can’t access
  6. The first few weeks and months can be overwhelming. But it can be comforting to know that you are not alone and there is a place to find some comfort from other that have been where you are now. As for books that might help you, that is an individual thing. When this new board started, I brought over a list of posts from the old board of suggested readings. You can find it as the first post in the “Books and Quotes” section. There is a lot of info packed in there so try not to get overwhelmed. At least it will give you titles and authors you can check into. And you can pick and choose a
  7. Hi everyone, I just wanted to bring this thread back to the top so any newbies or older members who might be interested in lighting a virtual candle in remembrance of their loved one are aware of this sight. The candle stays lit for 48 hours. You can go back as often as you like and light as many candles as you wish. Like last year, if you put the “Widda” at the end of your dedication you would be able to put Widda in the Search box and it should bring up the candles lit by other board members. Wishing all our members a peaceful holiday. Ginger
  8. I think I will be able to make this. So what time are people going to get there? Ginger
  9. I thought it was time to bring this post back up to the top in case new members were curious about how Widobagos came about. Just a little history. Feel free to share your experiences so others may see the benefits that many of us have gotten when we took the chance to venture out of our comfort zone. Ginger
  10. As we share this date, even though it is 14 years for me today, I share your thoughts and sentiments! I was thinking of posting today but didn't know what more I could say or add after 14 years. Some things have changed over the years, but the concept of time or lack of it concerning the events of this day, have remained the same. Memories are still clear and an underlying sadness of all that Jim has missed is still front and center on this day. But as the years have accumulated the sadness of this day is less devastating or as long lasting. Luckily I was able to spend a part of the day w
  11. As of right now, I'm in. I did want to point out that they only serve a brunch menu on Saturdays until 1:00 and they don't serve the regular menu until 1:30. I don't know if that will make a difference but just wanted to make sure you knew that. Ginger
  12. Sikeuritgadeun- Yes, that should be the right site. It is a little more complicated process than previously to search for other Widda members candles, but it is nice to share a common bond with others while remembering our loved ones. Remember the key is to make sure you use the word Widda at the end of your dedication to be able to search for our group's candles. Ginger
  13. Hi everyone, Just wanted to post this during the holiday, in case anyone is interested in lighting a virtual candle for your loved one with your own special thoughts. This site was mentioned on the old board and many used it all year round. The site is: gratefulness.org/light a candle Then click on begin or light a candle. If you put the word Widda at the end of your dedication, you can then do a search under Widda to see fellow members who have lit a candle after you have lit your candle. To go back to the group's candles after reading dedications, hit your " back" button no
  14. (((((D))))) As only you can do, you found such meaningful words. Thinking of you today, as we share an anniversary date that we never wanted to have so soon in our lives. Take care of yourself, Ginger
  15. (((((SoVerySad))))) I saw your post today and thought 'Wow, We share a wedding anniversary! " Hard to believe it was 30 years ago. It has been more than 12 years since I last got to see my DH. So we only got to share 17 anniversaries together. I still miss him and am sure I always will, but was glad that we were able to share our lives for even that short period of time. I hope the happy memories of your life together helped you through the day. Ginger
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