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  1. 2ManyQuestions

    Complicated greif

    Complicated grief - Never heard of it. Interesting read............ Thanks for sharing !
  2. 2ManyQuestions

    Opinion / Widowed Females/Males

    Hi, I have heard different points of views from males and females, whether females are more inclined to stay single when widowed but men seem a need for a partner because of X…. I am curious of your thoughts and reasoning. thx
  3. painted walls. Swimming - Anywhere where there is water antiques or modern?
  4. 2ManyQuestions

    Widowed Twice?

    Hello, I have been widowed twice. My first wife of 24 years, passed away with G-bladder CA, 2 kids, so I was focused, no time for extended grief. My second wife, family friend who she lost her husband a few months prior to me loosing my wife. We evolved into something beautiful, more than either of us expected, living life as we both had a different outlook on life, lost her to GBS and a brain aneurysm. It will be 2 years this week. Still struggling. No regrets other than their life was cut short, nothing was left unsaid. Daily struggles, lots of unanswered questions, my thoughts are elsewhere most days, time does heal wounds but certainly not the scars. I have been truly blessed with 2 loves. -D
  5. 2ManyQuestions

    loved one presence

    I have read what people have shared on widda with regards to feeling their loved one presence, and dreams but has anybody experienced, signs, scents, a movement you thought you might have seen from your peripheral vision when you look there is nothing, something out of place, an orb, something out of the ordinary…. It would be interesting to hear if anyone has experienced any of this.
  6. 2ManyQuestions

    Step Kids

    Hi I ask due to my son is completing an in depth form and he was not sure if step sisters still apply.. thx
  7. 2ManyQuestions

    Step Kids

    Hi T, Thanks for your feedback and I get it on the morally side and if the relationship is positive. What if the relationship is negative, legally that connection is no longer once the parent passes away as there is no connection? Have a great day. -D
  8. 2ManyQuestions

    Step Kids

    Hi, I have a question and would like top hear any response good or bad. So if someone gets remarried and there is step kids (young adults) involved, if that parent passes away are they still your step kids and/or step brother or sister to your kids? I am referring to adult kids and not parenting your partners kids from a young age. I would love to hear what your thoughts are and the reasoning. have a great day ALL. Thx
  9. 2ManyQuestions

    We are on this board because.......

    Hello :-) I found this site by accident and I had read a lot of stories that I could relate to. Like most others I don't believe people truly understand grief unless one goes thru this life altering event. My opinion grief it is a form of PTSD. I have not posted much but reading others posts has helped me get thru those early days as I felt a connection that others are feeling the same. I check the site from time to time, read positive stories and unfortunately newbees who have found Widda. I have also come across some nice people on here with interesting conversations. We will all be forever changed that is without a doubt, every day we are able to deal with it a little better, for me I still have my days. One day I will have inner peace. I can make a choice of either get living or get dying I think I have done both. I still have lots of questions, but I did find some answers on this site. Also knowing I what I was going thru I was not only one. I realize we all have our issues in life but this event is traumatic to ones self. I have been blessed, I loved and was loved, for me this love still carries on but in a different way. Wishing everyone well.
  10. TGIF ................. ;D Convertible/Sunroof gardening or mowing the lawn? Both are therapeutic have a G8 day all
  11. dog = lab Tea = green/white combo Summer Sand Comedy Music / Fav Band or artist
  12. Windows - Little experience with Mac's Carrot cake w/ CC icing - most definitely loon or morning dove calls?
  13. WW - Being creative plus both have their pros and cons - No wrong answer glasses or contacts hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm would that be daytime or night? I choose hands, one can always see better with their hands. Charcoal or Propane BBQ ?
  14. C = All the above picnic or drive-in


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