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Something I wrote last year, expressing my new disdain of autumn, which ironically was once my favorite season...


The first brisk winds of Autumn
Yield a jealous breeze of frost
For a flawless leaf now fallen
And her grieving tree so lost

A season of birth, Fall covets
For its rival is the Spring
So boasts a splendor of red & gold
Yet death is all it brings


The demand of twilights burden
Now a blight upon this tree
Once full of life and budding fruit
          …reduced to withering


So all that glitters is not gold
And the weary find no rest
Just faded, vintage amber light
Masquerading as my guest


I see your face in the setting sun
As the light so dimly fades
To a purple glow and star-filled sky
Where the harvest moon is made


Now the breeze that started off, returned
For the gales have had their way
And left your ghost in all I see
In this season of decay.


-The Fallen Leaf of Autumn
               T. Kent / 10-07-17

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