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Feeling Angry

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What hell the last seven years have been!  So many tears, so much grief, it is amazing how we survive, yet we do.  I went through all the shock & grief & took it day by day... But I was never angry, now though I am feeling angry.  Angry that we couldn't help him get well.  Angry that everyone assumes I am ok now after 7 years.  Angry at people who sweat the small stuff.  The anger is always present now bubbling away just under the surface.  I am trying to stay calm and am reading lots of self help & going to try meditation etc. But I am not sure that this anger is going to leave me now it has made such a home for itself.  I am not angry at him though, I only feel a great sadness at the loss of such a beautiful soul.  Ok just wanted to share and see if anyone has any help they could offer for dealing with this anger as it doesn't feel very good at all.  Thank you in advance!  >:(

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I am almost at the 7 year mark and I have to say that I am dealing with more anger lately-the kids, house, trying to find another job, lack of having him around to help share all the issues I deal with day to day. I feel like I have no one really supporting me.

I have great friends and family, they're awesome and wonderful but they have their own lives. I don't have the time/energy into trying to date or build a relationship, so I've shelved that part of my life.

So it's just me, day in, day out.

So how do I cope? I try to exercise regularly, eat somewhat decent, and I'm trying to get out of the house on Sunday afternoons to have a matinee movie or lunch with my friends. Away from my house and my kids for a few hours.

I also come here, the widda boards help and I've been debating on going back into therapy for a few sessions. My Dday is in late Oct. so I always start to feel my burdens more and it helps to talk to someone.

His death still pisses me off, but I know he has finally found his peace, I just wish I could find mine.



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I would say I have a low grade anger brewing under the surface at all times now. I'm 15months  out. I'm not by nature an angry person but I have definitely become more of one.


For me, having my NG in my life has been instrumental in soothing my heart and mind..... Having the need for "healthy touch l" met keeps me from going over the edge. I never thought someone could make such a positive difference in my life.


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