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Egg Freezing? Hope for a family?

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My husband and I were literally months from trying for children when he died. He had a hernia and we wanted to have the surgery and get him healed up before I got pregnant. His surgery was scheduled for May and he died suddenly in March.


I have always wanted kids. I told him it was important to me on our third date. I told him it was a deal breaker. I had anxiety about how long we were waiting to have children, but it always made sense to wait. We were between jobs, we were moving, we were in debt. We finally got to a place in the last year where we were both ready and excited.


Now, at 34 years old, I have no partner and no children. I have at least a couple years ahead of me where neither are probably a good idea. My future has been obliterated.


So I'm trying to figure out what to do to preserve options. Anyone else freeze their eggs? The internet tells me 34 is the right age to do it. The idea of being pumped full of hormones right now sounds awful. I just don't know what a happy future for myself looks like yet.

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I'm sorry, no advice from me. I wanted more kids when dh and I married and my chances were taken away from me.


Although I had 2 children from a previous relationship, and so did he. So if this is an option for you and you really want it, then go for it.


As we all have learned, we are not promised tomorrow or even the next 5 minutes.


Good luck to you and your decisions.

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