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What to do? Need career advice.

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Hello everyone, I haven't been on here awhile but I like the new look!  Anyway, I need career or schooling advice from fellow widows/widowers.    I work for a doctor's group which has undergone restructuring in the last six months.  Why?  Because I was working in three different parts of the company and management couldn't understand why stuff was falling through the cracks.  Anyway, this restructuring has not been easy and my work duties have changed quite a bit.  This morning, my supervisor tells me that they "doesn't see any strengths on my part in the job".  The supervisor is very nice but never has a good thing to say about anything I do in the office.  I can't do anything right, at all.  I've never claimed to be a perfect employee, and I have a made a lot of mistakes, but I can't take this anymore.  The supervisor also stated that another coworker is ready to quit because of my mistakes, among other issues.  This is combined with the fact that my sons' SSI payments will end in the next 3-5 years and the economy is picking up again.  I'm also interested in going back to school for something in finance- would love to have a position as a financial advisor.  I'm in my early forties now and just can't see being this unhappy in my job; I spend more time at work than I do anywhere else.  


What would you do?

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It's never to late to start a new career..do what you need to do to make you happy and financially secure.  Sometimes when there is restructuring in a group Doctor's office, especially if bought out by a big conglomerate, they try to get rid of the older employees because they can hire new ones usually at a much cheaper salary. I'm not sure if this is the case with you. Lifeis to short to be stuck in a job you don't enjoy, as we all can attest to. Consult with a college counselor to see if they can guide you to something that you would be interested and happy doing. Best of luck Rooshy!

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I went back to school about 2 years after my first husband died - left a lucrative 26 year career and didn’t even know what I wanted. (Yikes!) The situation became complicated because my second husband died before I finished my degree, but I went on to get that second Bachelor’s and then a Master’s degree, too. If you can do it from a financial standpoint, I say go for it. It isn’t fun to be in a rut. Maybe this can pull you out and give you some vitality. 


Good luck!





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I think you should get some satisfaction with the work you do if not joy.  Lots of options in finance.  My late husband was a financial advisor and it was a tough 10 years until he got his business to the point where he didn't have to work 60 hours a week, also working for commission vs salary is something not everyone can live with.  If you find something that really motivates you then you can find a way to make it work. I have made some career changes and having something new to learn and ignite my passion was great for me.

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