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Had to say goodbye to our "son"

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After Alex's first cancer treatment ten years ago, we decided to adopt a kitten. We went to the humane society, and there was a brown tabby kitten who was climbing on the front of the enclosure and meowing to get our attention. I still still remember Alex's words, "I think he wants to come out with us." We adopted him and he was a comfort and joy for us. He was there when Alex took ill again in 2012 and passed in 2013. The last five years he kept me going, snuggling up beside me every night, sitting next to me on the chair, greeting me at the door when I came home. He was a vibrant big boy full of love.


Until yesterday. It was something called "saddle thrombus" which I hadn't heard of but it sadly too common in cats. I knew this day was coming but I hoped I'd have him more than ten years. It's doubly difficult because it feels like the last piece of Alex and I is gone.

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I’m so sorry.


Both our pets have died now and it feels a loss beyond them dying that’s hard to articulate. They helped me through those first years so much... Our little family is down to just me. Another chapter closing. 

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To top off, it was three days after my five-year sadiversary. I won't be looking forward to early August from now on.


Thank you all for your support.

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I'm so sorry. Just opens the wound again. My husband's cat and my cat kept me alive through the first two years. His cat died at 2 years out, once he had got my through. Lost the final member of our family just before the 5 year mark. So many things I shared and loved with him are gone now. My furbabies were the worst, of course, but I also have weird moments where I feel sentimental about throwing out a towel or something random because it was from our time together. 

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