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It has been awhile since I  visited here.  Just an update on what has happened:  A get-together with an old college friend for a fun bicycling trek  along a bike path turned into a 3 month plus disability for me.   I hadn't bicycled for almost ten years.  I actually did a lot of cycling in my 20s'.  Well, I am 65 now, and unfamiliar with the "new" all terrain bikes.  Plus, I never bicycled on gravel.  Whoops, I fell down at a crossing and broke my wrist.  Then, 2 weeks later I had surgery.  I had a carpal tunnel test yesterday, and it confirmed I have nerve damage.  Will await to hear from the doctor for what my future will be.  I don't look forward to returning to work.  I use my hands typing, filing, and  much hand repetitive work.  My short term disability could very likely turn into long term.  I may be jumping the gun here.  I actually prefer not returning.  I feel more alive and productive at home.  Also, the longer I am out, the workplace is becoming a far distant thing of the past.  I met my husband at the place I worked over thirty years ago.  I had my wedding ring and diamond taken off on the day of the accident....Don't think they will fit back on my swollen hand.  I guess I will stay low for a while, and walk for exercise.  :-)

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So sorry this happened to you. I think from your post though that minus the pain and surgeries that it could make you reevaluate what you want for your future. That could be a good thing. I know a serious illness made me do that 15 years ago and it was a blessing in disguise. I was able to spend more quality time with my DH. Also it gave me the time to grieve without the pressure of work etc.  Hope you start feeling better soon...

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