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anybody in Europe?

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Hi everybody, I was widowed earlier this year at 31. I know most people here are based in the States, but just wondering if there's anyone from Europe at all? I'm currently based in Spain. I've been looking for forums for people that live close but haven't been able to find any.

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Hi there, sorry you had reason to join us here.  There are definitely some European widows/widowers in this community, though I don't know how often they post anymore.  In fact, I think a bunch of American widow(er)s met up some place (Amsterdam?) with European widow(er)s a few years back, if I'm remembering correctly.  I'm not in Europe, but I surely do love Spain (we have spent the last two New Years in Spain, first year in Madrid and then last year in Andalusia).  I hope you can at least find some comfort here virtually until you connect with people more close by.  Since people don't always check in regularly, you may not get a response right away so don't let that worry you. 

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Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I do sense a strong community here, more so than any other forum that I've found thus far, though there aren't that many. Yeah it was a long shot but I thought I'd ask. 

And thank you to everyone that's posting and sharing their stories. 


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I am, I´m from Sweden. I lost my boyfriend in 2016 so its been 2 years and almost 4 months. I don´t come here as much anymore but when I do it helps. I´m sorry for your loss. 

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Thanks Karin. Me too.

I try to not 'go there' all the time because it just drains me totally, but every now and again, when I'm in the right state of mind, I do get the urge to connect and see how it is possible that we are all still here, trudging along. But it does help.

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Hi TC,  I am sorry for your loss. I found a lot of support in this forum when I was widowed in 2014 - I don't come back often here anymore but when I do I see a lot of names I know and it is good to read how well some progress and I always find a common shared thought and see that many of my thoughts are not unique at all .

I am Swiss, but I live in the Caribbean at the moment, I was one of the widows who met up with some of our American wid-friends in Amsterdam in 2015 - it was great, very helpful and we all made great connections. 

I will likely return to Europe in the next couple of years but nothing sure as of yet. 

All the best for you, somehow life moves on, if we want it to or not...


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