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Cancer and my husband’s pajamas

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My beloved husband has been gone for 10 years. Seeing that in print is shocking. 


My kids were 15, 11 and 7 when he passed away and now they are all grown up and out on their own leaving me an empty nester. 


6 months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve had surgery and chemotherapy. 


This diagnosis and treatment has made me long for my husband. I just wish he were here with me. I am lying here in bed with his pajamas that still have his smell after all these years. I miss him so very much. 

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Hugs! I cannot imagine having to go through cancer alone. I think you might long for the strength and support he would have given you. I know I thought of it when I had my hysterectomy earlier this year but I had my sister there and it was comforting knowing I wasn't actually alone. Take care of yourself.

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Hi, hopon. 


My heart goes out to you!  My first husband died 9 years ago and my second husband died almost 5 years ago. I was diagnosed with cancer just after the death of my second husband. It is difficult to face this on your own. I hope you find comfort in your husband’s pajamas. My husband didn’t have any 😏 but I did sleep with his pillow. 



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I'm so sorry hopon. Facing cancer alone must be difficult. I'm sure it's frightening for your kids as well, especially having lost one parent already. I'm glad you have the pajamas to wrap yourself in.



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