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It's hard for me to be here again. I remember connecting with the first version of the board after I lost my first husband. Mostly I felt that I was in a safe place and could unload my worries. After falling in love again with WifeLess and now losing him, I'm not sure if this feels right. However, I had a burning urge to say this:

If my sweet husband could face the death sentence that hung over his head every day for 7 months, then I can do hard things.

I can sort out household problems, I can be alone, I can feel feelings that bring me to my knees.

I can go on until we meet again.

WifeLess - forever yours.



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thank you for coming here to tell us. I am so, so sorry Bluebird. 

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Ditto what Bunny and Maureen said.  Yes, you can do these hard things and you can hate doing them at the same time.  Love.

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I cannot imagine going through this twice.  My prayers and thoughts are with you.

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