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Hi, I was wondering if anyone made a memory blanket or bear made from their loved ones tshirts or clothes? Our son graduated high school in June and I want to give him something special that reminds him of his dad. Any suggestions??


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I know lots of people from the old board did this.  Check on Pintrest?  Try a google search if you're looking for someone to make it for you.  I'm pretty sure there are people who do this kind of thing.


A friend of mine made my daughter a small quilt; she downloaded pictures of her with her Dad from Facebook and had them printed on squares and she quilted them together.  I have never been so touched in my life.  Of course, I have hidden it away from my messy, disorganized child so that I can give it to her in a moment when I feel like she really needs it.  Anyway, I ramble.


You might get some more responses over the next few days from people who have better suggestions or who have done this themselves.  

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I plan to make a quilt for each of my girls when they are ready. Right now they get some comfort wearing his shirts and hoodies and I’m fine with that. There are good services that do these custom works out there for quilts, pillows, or stuffed animals if you are a person who doesn’t sew or doesn’t have the time to. 

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I am a quilter and have made 2 memory quilts. One was from shirts and a Levi's denim jacket, the other one was made from sweatshirts. They have given a lot of comfort to the women I made them for. Now, I need to think about making one for myself...it's not even two months and I am not ready to go through his clothes, yet.  I will and I am sure it will give me the same comfort.


What I am trying to say, there are quilters everywhere. Check to see if there is a Quilt Guild in your local area, they can direct you to someone local who could do it for you. 

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I had memory quilts made for my son and daughter, and they're amazing.  I have to say, though, that my daughter was 10 at the time and was so upset that I had Dad's clothes cut up.  She's 22 now and treasures it.

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