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Remembering us moms here on Mother's Day

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Remembering all my fellow mothers here on Mother's Day- peace and love to all, and hopes for happiness, be it now or further down your road, depending on where any one of us are on our journeys. 


Today was quiet, which was suitable to me on a dark, cloudy day. Went to church, heard something from most of the "kids," went out for a nice hot bowl of pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), came home and watched "Mummy" movies 😉 ... started with the 1932 original, now on the 50's Abbot & Costello version. (Don't know if I'm up for even the '97 version- it looks good, but my gore tolerance is about a zero, so I don't know... I get nightmares at basically nothing. 😒)


I feel like watching Mummy-movies is a new Mother's Day tradition for me, as an all-but empty nester! 

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