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It was his birthday yesterday....

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....and it was honestly okay. That heavy heart feeling I’ve had the last few years didn’t happen and the tears? They didn’t occur. It was peaceful, the day was warm and sunny. His Cubbies are doing well and the girls and I are stronger and less angry/sad. 

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Glad to hear it was a peaceful day.  Took me many yrs to get there.  Last birthday was my first non emotional one.  I send his mother flowers now for his birthday.  I figure for her, this is the hardest day.  Cubbies fan, also 😉

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It is good to hear that the day was okay for you.  Yesterday would have been our 26th wedding anniversary, I didn't know what to expect but the day was a peaceful one.  I remember reading five years ago how time softens grief and wondered if I'd ever get here, grateful to know that it's possible on these dates to not have a heavy heart.  

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