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How to speak grief

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Made me smile too.  Especially "clutterstruck".  I was going through Precious's photo box today and I was worried about throwing out a yellowed scrap of paper with nothing written on it!  I can laugh about it now!   :D


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That fruit on a stick fake floral arrangement was the worst. I was here alone. That delivery was the size of a small house. What goes on in people's minds? 


I put in it a large trash bag and then the freezer. It was gone on the first pickup day. 

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For me, dark humour is the one. I love seeing people's faces when I comfortably talk death/ dying etc. Not that this is my daily subject with people (it is for me though) but when I say things like - you die anyway they usually look at me like I was kidding LOL


And the WAKEMARE bit - that was and still is awful. When you wake up and the first few secs you are still not fully conscious and happy and then IT hits you like a ton of bricks when you come round to reality.

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