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"Dear Evan Hansen"

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My daughter read this book last year and insisted that we needed to see the stage show/musical.  


We saw it last night in Sacramento.  

It was intense.  

Fantastic music.  Fantastic acting. Amazing story. Inspiring themes. 


But, wids, beware....  It's a minefield of triggers.  


If you don't know the story, it's basically about a lonely boy who's supposed to write uplifting notes to himself  (Dear Evan Hansen, Today will be a great day and here's why....)

As Evan's heading back to high school he tries to write today's note, and it ends up as more of a suicide note.....  

But another student takes the note from the printer, and claims that HE wrote it to Evan....  And then that boy does commit suicide. 

The story progresses exploring how both families handle the loss, and it addresses marital stress and discord, teenage relationships, single parenting, divorce....  

Along the way, there are very hopeful moments where teens and families come together to support each other and find ways to heal....  but getting there is quite an emotional journey. 


My daughter and I sat in the theater bawling, holding each other....  but listening to the sounds of sniffling throughout the theater.....  It's a powerful experience....  

But go carefully! 







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Thanks for the review. My second kid asked for me to look at tickets as it’s coming back in our area. I haven’t really looked it up for info but I really appreciate your input. 

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Hmmm, how old is your daughter? My former really good friend (I moved, so we just don't connect) took her 13 yr old daughter and 10 yr. old son to see it live. I had not heard of it but wondered about her son going?  She is an English teacher for 7-10th graders at small private school.  

I guess I am very protective of my son. Since he has been through trauma in real life, I don't choose to take or show him a lot of things that involve trauma issues. He needs joy.  He is 16 and I am now sharing more dramatic shows. He will tell me if it makes him uncomfortable.  Having the sheriff come to your house IRL and then your father in a casket is a lot for any kid. He also had a former friend kill herself last spring.  He did not choose to go to the funeral. It had been 2 years since contact.  I respected his comfort level.  IDK  IMHO


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My daughter is 16....  and she's 4.5 years out from daddy's passing.  But she and I were hugely affected by the show.  She has read the book and knew what to expect....  I had the basic idea, but it was very "in your face" with the social issues....  I really don't recommend this show for families who have had trauma.....  I had a friend commit suicide as a teen - it brought back all of that.....  And then in the show when the mom has a "breakdown" and describes how hard it was to hold her boy as dad drove away....  of course I thought of when our dad "left."....  it was just a lot......  


As an educator, I think this show has its place - I think all educators and people who work with children and teens should see it - it is masterful at exposing the thought processes of these young people.....  I think parents of children who have suffered depression should see it - if only to help understand their kids better. 



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