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My husband and sidekick died unexpectedly on Feb. 5, 2020

leaving me after 28 years of marriage   and our 13 year old daughter. 
I made it back to work , special Ed teacher, and my daughter back to school. The distraction of doing and C working  helps because I get “stuck” in the home full of memories. 

All schools just closed due to COVID-19

and all my support team is moving to social distancing when I need them around me the most.

I’m desperately trying to hold it together,

and afraid I might loose someone else to this crazy virus. The timing couldn’t be worse for me. 

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Hi VIcky,


I am so sorry you are going through this, I know for me, going back to work was a good distraction for me and I can't imagine being isolated at such a time. Please feel free to PM me if you need someone to talk to. I know the board has been pretty quiet. Hopefully others will chime in. 



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You know, come in and read at the very least. Go ahead post if you like. Many of us check in and we can reply.


Hugs to you as this is a tough time. I know I needed a lot of hugs after LH died. It was the act of feeling touched and safe that was comforting and now we can’t even do that with social distancing. Be safe!

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I am so sorry and I am sure having to be isolated at this particular time when you need people the most has to add to all that you are going through.

Feel free , like hachi wrote , to Pm me also 

Reaching out here is a good start and I will try and check back '


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So very sorry to hear, it's terrible timing and difficult enough in those early days to navigate the widow journey.  In my early dark days, I had the distraction of work but also embraced - needed - my alone time.  I used it to journal and make an evening grieving ritual that I kept for awhile.  Even though we all are encouraged to social distance, just know that you are not alone.   Big hugs to you - 

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