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My husband and I got a cat part way through out relationship. After his passing that cat got me through a lot of tough nights and forced me out of my bed to feed him. This past week his kidneys suddenly started to fail for an unknown reason. He was too young for this to be happening. I went between two vets that were giving me different diagnoses but finally through some miracle they figured it out and saved him. I never thought I'd be the type to spend that much money saving a pet but I'm sure some of you can relate to how special your pet you had with your late spouse can become. The whole experience of making medical decisions to save him reminded me of making those decisions for my husband in the ICU. Even though the cat is back and okay my anxiety is about an 11/10 right now. Feeling a little nuts. My brain seems to be looking for anything to worry about (if my friends hate me, bills, arranging appointments). A week ago these were not really issues for me. It's like I'm in fight or flight mode. Waiting for the deeper breathe to happen.  KK

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Breathe! I know the feeling. I have that same thing with my late husband’s dog. I will do what can be done even if she drives me nuts. Last year, she infected a fatty tumor and with 2 different cones of shame, ointment for to be spread, and oozing ickiness (for like 3 months), all I can say is she’s up and running again and her usual self. 


I did cat with kidney stones and then cancer thereafter. That was no fun either.   



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Thanks Julester. I hope he appreciates I now consider him a designer cat given how much money I had to invest in him. LOL

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I can relate, my husband and I got a put bull puppy when she was 5 weeks old, she was our baby.  He loved our dog so much, after he passed away, my dog Lucy got me through some of the hardest days. She's my last full connection to him. I would do anything for her as well.  

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At the beginning of May I went through similar stress and anxiety with our Pomeranian. She had fluid on her lungs due to an enlarged heart and her prognosis was not good according to the vet we missed the mark. With lowered activity and medication her health has improved almost back to normal. I was not ready to lose her too. She has helped me to get through the loss and get me out of bed the last 5 months. I went into survival mode and high anxiety where I couldn’t breathe either. I begged for a sign from my fiance that everything was going to be okay. I received a sign I couldn’t miss. A fire rescue truck in our number. It said Fire Rescue 22. I drove by it in two different areas of town that day. He got our Pomeranian for me so I wouldn’t be lonely with all the night shifts he did. Now she is my companion so I am not lonely without him.

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