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Jessica Schmelz

Newly widowed, new job, Covid, moving from HI to NC

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Thank you for adding me.  I lost my husband unexpectedly on April 19, 2020.  We were preparing to move to NC from HI.  I work for the USDA and have a new job in Raleigh.  In the middle of planning the move, Covid hits, then, my Steve comes back from a run and next thing, a heart arrythmia, and he is gone.  Yesterday was our 7th Wedding Anniversary and I cried a lot of the day.  He was supposed to have retired July 1.  What I cannot get over is how unfair this is to him.  It eats at me.  How do I get past that?  He deserved a long and happy retirement.  Anyway, I move to NC at the end of July with our dogs.  Life just keeps churning forward.

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Hi Jessica, I'm so sorry you had to join us.   Wow you have a lot on your plate right now. Getting past the stuff that is eating at you will happen over time and I hope eventually you level out.  Baby steps will get you there.  Hugs to you.


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So sorry you are joining us here. So much is going on and that is a big move! Hugs and peace for you today. 

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Hi Jessica,


I wanted to wish you a good move (with the dogs) as it is the very end of July today and I hope you are either already in transit or moved in entirely. That is a lot to have on your plate. When does the new job start? Raleigh is supposed to be a wonderful city. Wishing you the BEST!

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