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My name is Mary,  63 and I lost my husband March 13th 2020 from esophageal cancer.  Only 10 mths and it had already spread to his liver. Sadly the chemo didn't help. Then he tried immunotherapy, that was heartbreaking hearing that didn't help either. He went through hell. I'm glad he is no longer suffering, but I miss him so much. I can hardly function. The loneliness is a killer!! Hoping I can get the support I need.on this site.

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Hi Mary. I am so sorry to hear that you had to join us here, but glad you are looking for support. We're here for you the best we can be. Though it must be stinky way to send comfort your way I want you to know even if it feels like nothing in life is good right now, it's ok to feel that way. Just living one breath to the next when you're not sure you'll get through the next hour is also okay. Your grief matters. Your husband matters. God be with you, hugs.

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Just to share a little bit about me, my husband passed away just over a year ago due to a genetic disease and liver failure. I bet your husband was an amazing person, don't be afraid to share on different threads about him and your struggles in grief. If you're comfortable with it, do you have any good memories you'd like to share? 

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So sorry you are joining us here. Grief is hard enough to deal with and then add this pandemic on top and it makes things so much harder since we have to social distance and such. I needed other people to minimize that quiet loneliness. Hugs to you today. 

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