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Phantom Wedding Ring Syndrome

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Hi. I tried to research this online and I can't find anything relevant. I lost my Frank just about two years ago and in the last 6 months I took off my wedding ring. I did that because I lost weight-I don't eat like I used to and I was afraid I'd lose it in bed or the shower or just walking in general. I put with it with his ring in the box and I still take it out and wear it only in the house for a few minutes every now and then. Here's the thing...lately, I have the strange sensation on my finger (when I'm in public) that it's there and I reach to fiddle with it and then it's not there and my mind goes straight to panic and then I remember why I took it off. Has this happened to you? I'm sure it has, but how long does this go on for? 

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Yes that happened to me too.  I use to carry it in my purse.  Until one day I felt I didn't need it close to me anymore. 

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