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Anyone from YWBB days remember this...


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HI all, 

I am Michelle. My partner Paul died 9 years ago on New Years morning. I was mostly active on the forum when it was previously YWBB. I am looking for a post to provide a new young widow. It was a lovely writing to give family and friends that talked about what the journey might be like. Is that attached to this forum anywhere? Anyone remember what I am talking about who could get it for me? Thanks! 

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Were you able to locate this article?  I have saved this one and three others that I share with any new widow or their friends. I’m happy to repost it. 

I also have many fond memories of the lifeline this forum was for me in the earliest of days. I am now 10 years on this journey and life is so much different than I ever imagined.


I stumbled back into this page looking for an essay about wedding rings and wedding photos I remember from so many years ago. About reserving the right to always wear them and display them when needed. Anyone remember that one?

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