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I'm Tired

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I'm tired. I don't mean sleepy. I mean, after 11.5 years of all the bullshit I have been left with, all the platitudes that we hear , all the crap that the world expects from "us". Damn it I'm tired!

I don't want to take the high road anymore. I want to tell the sales person who are being  real assholes to stfu and get out of my face already! To do the damn job they are being paid for at the very least, you know what I mean? I'm tired of trying to be nice to these assholes and because they feel entitled or are having a bad day I become their target! wth?

Or when I go to the bank and the teller doesn't even take the time to finish her sentence, then looks at me like I'm strange because I don't have a clue what she is talking about? Again, wth? I'm tired.....

Then they give me nasty attitude when I ask them politely to please explain, OIY.....

Oh, then when she does finally start to repeat herself and explain, she freaking realizes how much she did NOT say the first time, DUH!

Paid to have some work done, had some sheds put up. The guy did the sub floors wrong....

He copped a nasty attitude when I asked him a question on the 3rd day passed the day they were supposed to be done. He gets violent, had to call the cops!

Now, I have to pay more money, that I don't have, sue the guy and his company, etc. etc. etc......

It just keeps coming, and I'm just sick and really tired!

Come on world, how is this stupid crap really happening so much? And then why are you taking it out on everyone else????

DH, where are you?????

Oh, have I said I'm tired...… Of it all 

I really am, I think I might just give up ☹️


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I understand....it doesn't seem to stop does it. Some days I honestly just take a time out and I don't deal with anything so I can re-charge my batteries.

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