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The saga continues!

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So for those of you who have read my other post, you know that I had remarried 4.5 yrs post widowhood (feb. will be 12 yrs for me). Anyway update yourselves on the in's and out's about the jerk in the other post.

But here lately every couple of weeks he is driving by where I am staying, he is saying the most ugly blatant lies on facebook and such that I just want to beat his ass, even his bitch is in on it and she doesn't know me. Hell she is from the other side of the country!

I have kept my mouth shut! And believe me, I have plenty to say after he stole all my money, pulled a gun on me, poisoned me, cheated on me, was trying to steal my house from me, etc. Need I say more? (I had to sell it because of the financial ruin he caused me). I'm living in a 35ft camper on my daughter's property with my dog!

Oh, and they have announced their engagement and the fake ass people from the church we went to and got married in are all patting them on the back, and we have only been separated (3 mos) and divorced for 5 months!!! so 8 mos total!

I'm finding it harder and harder to keep my mouth shut in this small town, but I have figured out why some people end up really losing it on an ex. Just saying....

What I don't understand is , how or why none of these people looking at this dumbass and saying or thinking , "hey something isn't right here with him and this situation". Hasn't anyone noticed that no one has heard a word from sudnly at all?  Do you all hear know what I'm saying???

I just wish he would leave me alone, especially if he is so damn happy with his new bitch. 

I feel like I just can't take anymore. I'm still in the process of finding a "good" back surgeon and in constant pain with that, and I am truly feeling hatred now and it doesn't feel good. I don't have 

anyone but my daughter and grandson, and I don't want to burden their lives, I just want to find where I fit into life again, and how to start allll over again, with that asshole leaving me alone!

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sudnlysngl, seems new B thinks she has a lot of what it takes to change him.  lol


I think he drives by your place because he knows he made a big mistake. If he was  totally satisfied with his new situation it would take up all his time. We knew someone years ago who was confounded because the ex who left him for the one who dumped her wrote poison pen letters to him whenever she was married. When she was between husbands she tried to woo him. It was plain to an outsider that she had regrets. Crazy comes in all ages and genders.


Your back pain makes it so much more difficult to tolerate this stupidity. If at all possible try to ignore them. They're nuts. You have more important things to deal with. He's just not worth the space in your head. Evict him.


Hope you find a good orthopedic surgeon soon and get relief from your pain. 

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I'm going to come at this from a different angle.  I don't want you to ignore him.  He's poisoned you, pulled a gun on you and stole all your money.  Don't engage with those two whatsoever, but I do think you need to document every single action they make that involves contacting you, posting about you,  or driving by your place.  I'm not trying to scare you, but be smart, be safe and document everything .  Tell your daughter where the documentation is located.  Be aware of your surroundings coming and going from your trailer or anywhere else for that matter.  I'm glad you have a dog.  They're great alarm systems.  Maybe I watch too much Dateline, but better to be safe than sorry.

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SW, I totally agree with you! I have always told my kids to document, document, document! I too watch a lot of crime tv, and after all the crap this p.o.s. has done, and all these fake ass so called "Christians who are backing him now, you can bet my sweet ass I'm documenting it all!

I'm giving it one more month, and if he doesn't stop I'm going to seek the legal advice of an attorney about defamation, slander, and most definitely a restraining order that includes shutting his mouth as well as hers!

The one thing is , is that he is making his payments to me that he didn't realize at the time when he signed the paper he made legal to pay me back for running my credit cards up over 30 thousand dollars. That was one of the reasons he went to attack me in front of the court house the day the divorce was final!

So, I'm doing my best to try and ignore the idiots for now, but damn it's getting really really hard...…. OIY

OH, and my dog is a pit bull and I keep a gun!

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