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Widow since January

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Hello,I am Debra and I am a widow.I lost my wife on January 2nd,2020 and it did hit me hard.She was great to me and supported me through everything I have been through.Last was when I came out as transgender 4 years ago and supported me through my transition.She was going through medical problems and I found her on the floor non responsive,blood clot killed her at 49.Doing better and learning to move on very well

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Hang in there Debra, losing your wife unexpectedly like that leaves quite a shock.  Glad you found our group for support and advice.

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strongdeb  So sorry to see you here, losing a spouse is life changing.   There are many here that can relate. The predecessor of this site was a source or great comfort to me in the early days, I hope that this site can offer the same for you.  

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