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Hello to the Community,


Is this Board still active? It's amazing actually. Before I post, I would just like to see if there is a community out there because the posts look like they are from 2019, latest.

Thank you.


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Thanks, Abitlost, for your answer. I'm new here, and think this is an amazing place. I lost my spouse just about 2 months ago. This is a really turbulent ride so far. I'm in the part where I break down for no reason in stores or friends cars..and don't have a whole lot of patience and prefer alone time a lot at this point. But, that has its' disadvantages too. The posts on this website are quite comforting and helpful to read. Thanks for answering me.

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Hi Beryl, I'm not sure why this board has been so quiet.  I remember about 5 yrs ago this board was busy as heck. I have no idea why people aren't posting the way they used to.  Don't let that stop you from reaching out.  Many just read and will provide support if needed.  Hugs.

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I do check in from time to time. It’s been over 4 years for me since I lots my husband. I check the boards and I think many come to read to gain perspective and to have food for thought. I know I did at first. Post and people will answer! 

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Hello!  Still here, but more as reader than poster.  Sorry you had to find us but glad you find the board comforting. IT was a life saver for years for me as I could state things here when I could not to any other folks.  It is hard to be a young widow, unnatural and though you work through and move forward, some unique challenges. Definitely growth from early on grief.  Please post as you may write just the thing someone needs to hear for that moment in time. And it helps to vent, too.  

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