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Having a broken heart from the loss of my wife, I found that God used many people to help comfort my five young children and me. Family, friends and my local church came to our rescue many times as we were in a desperate mode of survival. There were even random strangers that offered kind words at times when we desperately needed encouragement.


As I have many memories of love and encouragement that I received in my time of grief, I also remember times when I would get unwanted philosophies or vein attempts at easing the mood. I am convinced that each odd conversation was meant to comfort, but in reality made my emotional state worse.


Some think that you have to say something to help the grieving, while others offer availability to do anything if the grieving just calls them. Neither of these responses is bad, they just do not necessarily help the grieving. A quickly spoken cliché may be like a dagger in the heart; and an option to call will likely pass as an empty offer that will never happen.


Realizing that our culture does not know what to do with those in grief, I hope this forum offers comfort into the grieving mind from others in our same grief.





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Guest Morris


For African migrants, trek to Europe brings risk, heartbreak
By Associated Press

Published: 06:56 BST, 26 March 2015 | Updated: 06:56 BST, 26 March 2015


VELES, Macedonia (AP) — This is the moment when Sandrine Koffi's dream of a new life in Europe
ended — and her nightmare of an infant lost in the Macedonian night began.

As club-wielding police closed in, the 31-year-old from Ivory Coast couldn't keep up with her fellow migrants.

Not after more than a week of treacherous hikes through mud and bone-chilling rain; of leaky tents, stolen food and fitful sleep; of loads too heavy
to bear.

Koffi had given her 10-month-old daughter,
Kendra, to a stronger person to carry as the 40-member group of West Africans walked with trepidation into
Veles, Macedonia.
They hoped, because it was pitch dark and miserably cold, that no one would see them and raise the alarm.
But after a 10-day trek over 150 kilometers (90 miles),
their luck ran out.

In this Saturday, Feb.

28, 2015 photo a migrant from Cameroon feeds 10-months-old Kendra Koffi
on their way to the Greek-Macedonian border near the
town of Polikastro, Greece. The tide of hopeful migrants
pours through the vulnerable 'back-door' countries in the hope
of entering the 28-nation European Union, and although most people don't
make it, the human tide continues to grow, according to Frontex, the EU agency that helps
governments police the bloc¿s leaky frontiers.

(AP Photo/Dalton Bennett)

Officers captured Koffi and deported her with most of the group back to Greece.

Others who escaped carried Kendra all the way to the Serbian border.
That was more than two weeks ago. Now, the mother cannot stop crying
for her distant daughter — or wondering why they can't travel like "normal" people.

"I feel like I'm not a human being," Koffi
told The Associated Press from the migrants' safe house in Greece, where she and
her daughter had arrived last month in hopes of being escorted
through the Balkans to Hungary and, eventually, to family in Paris.

"Why is it necessary to separate a mother from her child? Why is all of this necessary?"



Each month, a tide of humanity pours through the hills of Greece, Macedonia and Serbia in hopes of entering the
heart of the 28-nation European Union through
its vulnerable back door in the Balkans.

This is the newest of a half-dozen land and sea routes that Arab,
Asian and African smugglers use to funnel migrants illegally from war zones and economic woes to opportunities in the West.

Most don't make it on their first attempt.
Nor their third or fifth. Many, it seems, just keep trying —
and failing — over and over.

The AP followed a group of migrants to document the challenges of the Western Balkans route,
witnessing key events on the journey: the confrontations with
police and locals, disagreements with the smuggler leading them
and among themselves, and other difficulties along the way.

The flow of migrants has grown from a trickle in 2012 to become the second-most popular path for illegal immigration into Europe, behind only the more
dangerous option of sailing from North Africa to Italy.

Frontex, the EU agency that helps governments police the bloc's leaky
frontiers, says it appears nothing will deter migrants from trying the
long walk that starts in northern Greece.

Their monitors have detected more than 43,000 illegal crossings on the Western Balkans route in 2014, more than double the
year before. And 2015 already looks on pace for a record number, with 22,000 arrivals in Hungary in the first two months.

One pivotal point for the route is Turkey, a magnet for refugees of wars
in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Turks provide easy travel visas to residents of most of
Asia and Africa, too.

Another is EU neighbor Greece, where migrants can claim asylum and usually, after
a short detention, are permitted to travel freely within the country.

But few intend to stay in Greece, with its debt-crippled economy and
locals' antipathy to the migrants.

"Europe has not faced a situation like this since World War II, with so many conflicts happening so near to home, with fallen states from Libya to Syria and unrelenting conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan," said Frontex spokeswoman Ewa
"And it's a lot easier to take a boat from Turkey to Greece than to cross the open Mediterranean. Thousands drown taking the other route."



"Never in my life was I even on a boat," says Jean Paul Apetey, a 34-year-old Ivorian with a reputation as
a sharp-witted opportunist.

And so, when smugglers ask him if he wants to pilot the vessel to Greece in exchange for a free ticket, he
goes straight to the stern engine of the rigid inflatable boat,
overloaded with 47 migrants, and acts as if he knows what
he is doing.

Smugglers rarely ride on one-way journeys, facing prison if
Instead, they charge 1,000 euros ($1,100) or more per passenger,
rich compensation for the sacrifice of a boat.

The smugglers point Apetey to a Greek island in the distance — he
doesn't know if it's Kos, Samos or Lesbos because he
had no map — but boasts of reaching the target in 17 minutes flat.

"I have many witnesses," he says proudly.



The walls are sweating in the safe house in Thessaloniki, Greece,
a windowless basement apartment with no furnishings, two bedrooms and a camp-style cooker on the floor.

It's the end of February, and an African smuggler
has brought 45 clients to this base camp to escort them on off-road paths through Macedonia
to Serbia. Among the group are 11 women, including two with 10-month-old children.

The smuggler, a former soldier, agreed to allow an AP journalist
to accompany them on condition he not be identified because what
he's doing is illegal.

He goes from migrant to migrant, checking their readiness for the journey to Serbia.

By car, it would take less than five hours.
On foot, it's an estimated 10 days.

When some giggle at his questions, he sets a stern tone: "Shut up. This isn't a joke once you're out there. If you think it's funny, I'll send you back to Athens."

He's taken three other groups on the route, and charges those
on this trip a wide range of prices, depending on their ability to pay but averaging around $500.

Discounts apply if they help him keep the others supplied and disciplined.
Kids go free.

Most are French speakers from Ivory Coast, Mali, Cameroon and Burkina Faso.
Only a few speak English. One — a Congolese whose communist parents named him Fidel Castro — speaks both.

All are hungry, so a Malian woman named Aicha "Baby" Teinturiere boils macaroni on the camp stove, adding to the humid air.

The smuggler sends others to stock up on sleeping bags,
socks and gloves for those who haven't brought the necessities.



Some are confident of reaching Germany or France.

Sekou Yara is not.

The 28-year-old Malian has failed three times to breach EU immigration checks
at airports, costing him at least 3,000 euros.
This is his first attempt on foot, and he has mixed feelings.

"I left many people whom I love so much. I left my wife and our 4-year-old child," said Yara, frustrated at sacrificing so much only to be stuck in Greece,
where he says migrants can't find jobs and sometimes must dig for food in the trash.

"It is shameful to live like this. I just want a normal life," he said.

Yara's trip doesn't last long.

The next morning, he and another Malian are arrested
shortly after the 45 arrive at the Thessaloniki bus station. Unlike the others, those two have no ID papers.

The smuggler deliberately keeps his distance at the station, communicating by phone to reduce chances of being spotted as
a trafficker.

Tell police you're going to Athens, not the border, he
instructs them. Don't all sit together; spread out.

In every direction are migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea,
all looking suspicious. Some hide in toilet stalls as the police canvass the
crowds, checking documents.

At least 20 from other groups are taken to a nearby police station.

Fear of arrest keeps the West Africans from boarding their intended morning bus north to the frontier town of Polikastro.
It's not illegal for documented asylum-seekers to board a domestic bus
in Greece, so nerves eventually settle, and all 43 get on four later buses:
Greeks in front, Arabs in the middle, and blacks in the back.

They're a half-day behind schedule as the last members arrive in Polikastro.

The hatred of some locals toward the Africans is clear near the
town square as women prepare to boil water for the babies' formula.
A motorist drives over their bags, smashing the milk powder and cooking gear as he curses them.

The easy part of the trip has ended.



The first day's hike from Polikastro takes the group along a rail line, and they must navigate a rickety wooden bridge,
hoping no train comes.

Within the first hour, both women carrying infants become weary.

"This is my souvenir!" jokes Apetey as he agrees to carry Sandrine
Koffi's daughter, Kendra. Another man takes Christian, the
10-month-old son of a Cameroonian woman, Mireille
Kendra was born in Turkey, Christian in Greece.
Both have relatives in Paris.

After 10 hours, the 43 reach the border with Macedonia before midnight.
They don't bother with tents, preferring sleeping bags in the open air.

The smuggler doesn't want the full group to cross the border in daylight, but
they're already short of supplies — and the cheapest local shop is on the Macedonian side.

So he leads three men on a reconnaissance trip through the trees.
A border patrol vehicle sits on a hilltop but doesn't move.

The three others crouch down in the woods as he heads alone
into the supermarket. A cashier inside warns the smuggler to hide because
police are shopping in another aisle.

After a tense wait, he emerges with six trash bags full
of bread, canned sardines, juice and water.



That night, the group crosses the border and
a highway.

Each approaching set of headlights is feared to be police.
The chill means it's time to sleep in the 10 tents they've brought.

At the campsite, Hilarion Charlemagne illustrates his journey with a collection of cellphone SIM cards.

"This one is from Togo, where I was a refugee for one year and eight months,"
the 45-year-old Ivorian teacher says, identifying others
as from Mali, Mauritania and Algeria.

He tells of being turned back at the Moroccan border because he
lacked 500 euros; of working as a tutor for an Algerian family for
a month; of trying to reach Europe by boat
five times and managing to reach Greece on the sixth attempt.

Charlemagne and others have another way to remember the countries they've visited:
recounting the racial epithets hurled at them
in a half-dozen languages.



The group is startled by a Macedonian shepherd and his snarling dog.

Tents are hurriedly packed. But in the rush, one of the smuggler's helpers has
lost his cellphone. Angry accusations are levied, and everyone is searched without success.

The trek resumes at night. They scramble over an exposed
ridge and sprint across a road junction, hiding in long reeds.

They catch their breath under a full moon.

A Malian woman, 34-year-old Miriam Toure, falls with a cramp.
Two young soccer players in the group offer her a sports massage as
she howls in pain. A man with a chronic leg injury, Mohamed "Mo-Mo"
Konate, applies some ointment he uses for himself.

Nothing works, so men take turns carrying Toure, joking she's only faking to get a piggy-back ride.

After a half-hour, they're worn out and she's told to walk or stay behind.
She limps barefoot, weeping silently while trying to keep up.

Passing through cabbage fields, some stuff the greens in their backpacks.
They jostle to refill bottles when passing a tap bearing
an Orthodox sign and the inscription "holy well." Around
4 a.m., in the rain, they pitch tents — difficult in the
dark — under a freeway overpass marked by graffiti from Afghan migrants.

After sunrise, several members accuse each other of stealing their food, drink and
bags as they slept.

The smuggler threatens to return them to Greece, where Syrian smugglers will charge them triple for the journey.
Apologies are demanded and given.

Nearby, Charlemagne reads from the Book of Job.



That night, the rain turns to snow, and the tents start to break.

Sheltered campsites on the trail are occupied
by other migrant groups, and the crying of the two infants is incessant.

Some question whether the children, so cold and hungry, could be at risk of death if they continue.

They keep following the Vardar River north, but near a village abandon the 41-year-old "Mo-Mo,"
who cannot continue even with his cane.

Food is so scarce that sardines are rationed to one can daily for three people.

On the sixth day of walking, they reach the town of Nogotino,
two days behind schedule and with a freezing wind howling.
At 1 a.m., Sandrine Koffi passes out and slides down a muddy embankment.
She is revived, and they walk another hour.

Mireille Djeukam, the other woman traveling with a child, has tried and failed to pass through EU airports about 10 times already, but finds this trip much harder.

"It's very hard. Too hard," she said.

"If I knew it was this difficult, I wouldn't have done it. I'm not used to this type of walking. I'm always in the back."

The youngest and fittest men grumble under their breath
that they might be in Serbia already if not for the women and children.

Laughter amid such suffering seems impossible, but a limping
Miriam Toure brings down the house with an exasperated question:
"Where is Macedonia?"



As the group reaches Veles, the first major Macedonian town on the route and 145 kilometers (87 miles) into their hike, Djeukam cannot go on because of her aching legs.

The group leaves her and 10-month-old Christian at an Orthodox church.

The 40 remaining try to stick to Veles'
riverside railway, but around 10 p.m. they are confronted by youths.
They run onto a road, startling motorists.
Two police arrive, brandishing clubs and beating stragglers.
Five are caught, including Sandrine Koffi.

In the melee, members of the group drop their gear and scatter.
A woman breaks an ankle and is hospitalized in the Macedonian capital, Skopje.

By 3 a.m., the smuggler has found only eight of his clients.

The next day, Aicha "Baby" Teinturiere returns to Veles to search for her
bags and stumbles into the police. She claims, falsely,
to be looking for her baby; she has none.
The police believe her and agree to help search — and in the process discover and
arrest many of her comrades.

By the end of the 10th day, all but 13 are in custody and put on trucks back to Greece with scores
of others from Syria, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

But Teinturiere is not among them.

The sympathetic police set her free so she could keep searching for
the make-believe child.



Two days later, the West Africans reach a smuggler's safe house in the border town of Lojane, Macedonia.

Teinturiere is given responsibility for caring for Kendra until Koffi
can complete the trip.

Others, mostly the strongest men in their 20s, cross into Serbia, where they meet the next smugglers,
who charge them 100 euros each to drive them hidden in trucks to
the Hungarian border.

Three weeks into the journey, the first few make it to Hungary and send
triumphant messages to friends.

The smuggler returns to Thessaloniki with his deported clients.
He organizes a second trek combining new migrants with
many from the original group, including Koffi and the first person arrested
on the previous trip, Sekou Yara.

They depart a week later but run into a police ambush south of Veles.

All are returned to Greece.

Another attempt to complete the 250-kilometer (150-mile) journey
on foot has begun this week. Joining the smuggler are at least 20 veterans of the
last two failures, including Koffi.

Her focus used to be on reaching her husband, mother and other relatives in Paris.

Now, she prays simply to make it far enough to be reunited with her child.
There's no joy left in her heart, only a sense of being duped, over and over.

"In Turkey, I was told: 'You just take a train, it will be easy,'" she said.

"It was a lie."


Bennett traveled with the migrants through Greece and Macedonia.

Pogatchnik reported from Berlin.

In this Saturday, Feb.

28, 2015 photo Jean Leblanc, left, and Antoine Sannick of Ivory Coast rest on their way to the Greek-Macedonian border near the town of Polikastro, Greece.
The tide of hopeful migrants pours through the vulnerable 'back-door' countries in the hope of
entering the 28-nation European Union, and although most people don't make it,
the human tide continues to grow, according to Frontex,
the EU agency that helps governments police
the bloc¿s leaky frontiers.

(AP Photo/Dalton Bennett)

In this Saturday, Feb.

28, 2015 photo Sandrine from Cameroon carries her belongings on her head on her way
to the Greek-Macedonian border near the town of Polikastro,
Greece. The tide of hopeful migrants pours
through the vulnerable 'back-door' countries in the hope of entering the 28-nation European Union, and although most people don't make it, the human tide continues to grow, according to Frontex, the EU agency that helps
governments police the bloc¿s leaky frontiers.

(AP Photo/Dalton Bennett)

In this Saturday, Feb.

28, 2015 photo Migrants cross a railway bridge on their way to the
Greek-Macedonian border near Polikastro, Greece.
The tide of hopeful migrants pours through the vulnerable 'back-door' countries
in the hope of entering the 28-nation European Union, and
although most people don't make it, the human tide continues to grow, according to Frontex,
the EU agency that helps governments police
the bloc¿s leaky frontiers.

(AP Photo/Dalton Bennett)

In this Saturday, Feb.

28, 2015 photo 10-months-old migrant Christian Djeukam
reaches out to the lens of the photographer as he sits in a baby
carrier near the town of Evzonoi, Greece. The tide of hopeful migrants pours through the vulnerable 'back-door'
countries in the hope of entering the 28-nation European Union, and although most people don't make it,
the human tide continues to grow, according to Frontex, the EU agency that helps governments police the bloc¿s leaky

(AP Photo/Dalton Bennett)

In this Saturday, Feb.

28, 2015 photo West African migrants walk on train tracks
on their way towards the border with Macedonia near the town of Evzonoi, Greece.
The tide of hopeful migrants pours through the vulnerable 'back-door' countries in the hope of entering the 28-nation European Union, and although most people don't make it, the human tide continues
to grow, according to Frontex, the EU agency that helps governments police the
bloc¿s leaky frontiers.

(AP Photo/Dalton Bennett)

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LORCA, Spain, Sept 27 (Reuters) - World Cup qualifiers Ghana made heavy
work of beating Nicaragua 1-0 in a friendly on Tuesday as they continued
their preparations for November´s tournament in Qatar.

Teenager Issahaku Fatawu netted the only goal of the game 10 minutes
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Yet the Africans, who will take on Portugal, South Korea and Uruguay in Group H at the World Cup finals, wasted a plethora of chances in an unconvincing performance against the central American nation, who are
79 places behind them in the FIFA rankings.

Ghana will have one more friendly before the World Cup, against Switzerland in Abu Dhabi on Nov.

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(Writing by Mark Gleeson in Cape Town; Editing by Toby Davis)

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There's certainly a lot to learn about this issue. I like all the points you made.
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Adwokat Sprawy Karne Sanok
There's certainly a lot to learn about this
issue. I like all the points you made.
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Весьма трудно отыскать мужчину, который не желает иметь разнообразие в постели. Если вы рассчитываете порадовать себя сексом без обязательств, но вы не имеете подходящую спутницу, воспользуйтесь шансом зайти на востребованный ресурс https://1tanec.ru. Интерфейс оснащен универсальной системой поиска, и с ее помощью вы без труда сможете выбрать спутницу, опираясь на собственные предпочтения!
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Guest StpYIKW


Отправившись на сайт https://armadiprint.ru, вы получите возможность устроить встречу с обученной проституткой. Интим с женщиной, которая работает в сфере интимного досуга – это нереальное блаженство, ведь любая из их числа впечатляюще владеет своим телом, выполняя любые прихоти своих клиентов в постели. Найдите подходящую проститутку, и она с радостью удивит вас во время свидания.
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Guest HyqXAOL


Сложный рабочий график никак не дает вам отвлечься и заняться обустройством личной жизни? Не хотите тратить энергию на развлечения со среднестатистическими девушками, потому что вас интересуют исключительно востребованные проститутки? Значит, обязательно перейдите на сайт https://absolute-limo.ru и осмотрите страницы возможных спутниц!
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Guest GesDGSR


Практически ежедневно на интернет-портале https://3stvola.ru публикуются свежие профили востребованных проституток. Если вы испытываете безумное желание снять симпатичную даму и договориться о проведении свидания, вам следует детально изучить представленный каталог или воспользоваться поисковой системой, которая окажет значительную помощь в подборе индивидуалки, исходя из ваших вкусов!
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Guest HqoVPWE


Come and experience the glamour of BONZA SPINS, Aussie’s newest casino. You'll enjoy a relaxing central location with easy access to every major city, plus sleek, modern facilities that are sure to impress. Catch up on all your favourite games or try something new – there's something to suit everyone here!
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Guest AaoFDSA


Australia is without a doubt the pokies paradise of the world, with a plethora of casinos supplying a variety of online slots and poker games. But how do you find the best pokies deals to suit your budget and gaming style? We've got some insider tips on finding Australian online casino sites that offer exclusive welcome bonuses, free cash and exclusive promotions to promote sign-up.
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Guest QboCVQC


Packed with so much excitement and thrills, Australia's favourite gaming destination is the BONZA SPINS CASINO. Get in on the action for free today!
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