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  1. Just throwing this out there, I’m meeting another widow for lunch , and opened it up to other widows on a widow Facebook group . We are meeting at 1pm in Freehold at longhorns . If anyone wants to join us .. more the merrier !!! Date changed to this Saturday .. anyone ? Lol
  2. So my latest is .. guy I went on date with , nice ..not my type but had a nice time . He asked me to go out again.. I said yes . However I just get texts every am from him and no further mention of a date . Guy I dated a few months ago , then ghosted then all of a sudden is texting and clearly looking for a hookup. Um , I’m good thanks .. go away. Then there’s my married friend who has been trying to pursue me , I know his marriage is bad .. but um no. Time for nun school yet ?
  3. Matched with a guy on tinder, we messaged . We happen to have a mutual friend in common . He asked for my number and texted me last night . I was out and said I would text him when I got home , I did .. he read it ( thanks iPhone ) no response. Texts me today , I respond he reads and no response . Ok not a good first impression... next... but why bother really ?
  4. Leadfeather.. you are correct . I texted him , and he was so nice about it . He agreed the difference in our kids ages and where we are at this stage in life wouldn’t work. Phew .. always hate that part .
  5. So date number 2 last night with online dude , only 3 years from first date to second date . Lol . He wasn’t ready to date 3 years ago . Very nice guy , but I didn’t feel anything that plus young kids , not sure he would be for me . Now this part I hate , if he texts saying I’m not interested .
  6. Arneal... I took it that way. Told him I’m looking to date one person , not a sex buddy . I’m about to offer a reward for finding a nice guy lol
  7. Does anything change ? 4 nice dates .. 2a few months ago, guy admitted to not being ready .called me and so then 2this week and get .. basically he just wants to “hang “ .. no thanks .. 😢 this sucks
  8. Klim .. I think what bugs me is how he brought it up, not going online and focusing on one person . Then he's the one online . I left it in his court , if he wants to ask me out again .
  9. So I had a really nice date Sunday night . Technically it was our third , first two were a few months ago but his divorce wasn't final . Fast forward and we went out . We both talked about when we date we focus on one person, and not keep looking online. Well a friend saw him online, a lot yesterday . I called him out and said don't think dating will work for us , we can be friends and maybe hang out . He said he was only checking messages. Alrighty then ... back to drawing board . Bummed we really got along well.
  10. T2b ... I wish there was dating services around me , can I ask is it expensive ?
  11. Jgib..... I hear you with online. I feel like if you want to meet someone , it's a necessary evil. Try taking a break, maybe use other sites . Hugs that you are not alone in this .
  12. Rob , sending you hugs and peace . These days always bring up emotion . 💙
  13. Actually had a third date last night with someone I had gone out with twice b4, but months ago . He wasn't really ready to date then . Anyway he reached out and we had a very nice time. Hoping for another date . 👍🏻
  14. Went today , it will be five years in October. I find it somewhat ironic , my husband didn't like having neighbors .. we live on an acre with only one neighbor we can see. He was well loved by all, but wasn't a "people " person. His tombstone still has no one on either side of him. The place is now rows and rows of tombstones , but his all alone. Sort of makes me smile , I joke when I go to him .. what are you doing to scare away your neighbors ?
  15. I don't think it's absurd . I think it's natural , sadly when we lose someone . When my mind wanders there and I start worrying about someone I remember coming home to police in my driveway . In other words bad news always travels , fast. So I think , no news is good news . Maybe your two friend s, when you get a hold of them tell them you worry and think the worst when they don't respond.
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