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That Old Love

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For all that I have gone through, one thing I know for sure, that I love the man I married.

I remember the old love we shared.


That Old Love



The poem we tried to write

The exchanges we tried to create

I remember that moment with you

I remember that first hello


When I opened my eyes after a pray ’r

I saw you smiled, sunny and bright

You said hello for the second time

God, I closed my eyes and whispered more


A sculpture-like embrace

We rest as one soul

Like a destiny

In a beautiful journey


The sky is bright

Wind’s embrace, I feel the warm

Oh, that smell of the rain

Sensation I can hardly explain


I long to hold you again

Oh, like a long reverie

One more time

That great old love of mine


To my one great love, Greg

This is our old love beyond time


(Written dated 17th of April, 2018)

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