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Knowing vs. Sudden


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I remember back in the day on YWBB….there were a few threads about which was worse. A sudden death, or a diagnosis knowing it was fatal….the conclusion was they both sucked…


My sisters husband has been diagnosed with an  unoperable  liver cancer that has spread. For me, knowing is worse. 

My sister and I have a love hate relationship….there are 6 years between us, and in her eyes I am the village witch and idiot. I’ve tried to tell her I understand being scared….Big Guy almost died 3 years before he did…had 1-1/2 years of care taker in that mix. She gets angry if I try to talk, so I stay silent. 

Meanwhile, it has stirred up so much emotion in me….I’m back to the beginning (after 12 years) with emotions about my man….beyond empathetic and worried for my sister, knowing she has no clue what’s about to hit. It just sucks! 

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