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    Having a broken heart from the loss of my wife, I found that God used many people to help comfort my five young children and me. Family, friends and my local church came to our rescue many times as we were in a desperate mode of survival. There were even random strangers that offered kind words at times when we desperately needed encouragement. As I have many memories of love and encouragement that I received in my time of grief, I also remember times when I would get unwanted philosophies or vein attempts at easing the mood. I am convinced that each odd conversation was meant to c
  2. Thanks for asking Christine. If you want to send via PayPal, you can send to my account at admin@widda.org. Let me know if you still have problems.
  3. Hello Everyone, Widda.org has been online for several years now and I am amazed at how many people have been helped through this website! It has been a couple of years since I have mentioned about donating to Widda.org to help keep the site free. At that time many people donated enough to give the website a nice upgrade and to help pay the hosting fees that lasted until now. If you desire to help pay the fees to keep the site free, now would be a good time to donate. I currently pay the bill monthly, but can get a better pricing if I pay in longer time frames. Any amoun
  4. You can see the Members List by going to Activity > Search at the top menu, then select the 'Member Search' tab. If you leave the search field empty you will get a list of all users. Otherwise enter a Search Term and click the 'Search Members' button located below the search fields.
  5. I vote to go back to school and get a job you like. Good luck!
  6. Lewis

    Triggers in public

    Drafter, I remember so many times while driving, having to pull over because I could not see through the tears. I was glad to be alone at those moments so I could just let it out. I still have thoughts of her that run through my mind daily. I am doubtful that will ever go away... BrokenHeart2, the YWBB was definitely a lifesaver. Getting connected to widdabagos and meeting my widda friends was the medicine that I needed. I miss them even now ❤️
  7. Lewis

    Triggers in public

    Thinking back to those early days, I remember getting smacked by triggers while out in public. It was embarrassing to burst into tears in front of people and it happened more often than I care to remember. Living in a small town with a population of 1500 people, going to the grocery store was always scary. The question was not, “Would I see someone I knew?” But rather, “Who was I going to see this time?” My first encounter was about a week after Kathy died. I had made my purchase and was exiting the store when a familiar couple caught me at the door. All it took was for
  8. Not me. Sometimes I wonder if I even know English, doh! 😂
  9. I have opened the bago forum to public view. Thanks for all your input!
  10. There is an edit option. You should see the EDIT link under your post. You have 30 minutes to edit it.
  11. I was able to extend the time to edit your posts to 30 minutes. Hope that helps!
  12. I agree Jeudi. This platform is much more advanced than the previous setup. I am impressed more as I see more of its options.
  13. Thanks for the reply Laura! I have been crazy busy and did not get a chance to check on this.
  14. Hi Jeudi, I have created a discussion on how to create a blog!
  15. Part of the new website design enables everyone to have their own personal blog. There is just a few steps to create your blog. If you hover your mouse over the pencil icon in the top right of this website, you will see a popup that says "Create new content." If you click on the pencil icon you will see the options: Topic and Event. Now go to the Blog page by clicking Browse, then Blogs. Here you will see the option to "Create a blog." Click the "Create a blog" button to enter your blog information. Entering a blog name is r
  16. Thanks Jeudi! I will get info on how to work the blogs tomorrow. It's late and I am worn out tonight. ZZzzzz....
  17. Okay, Maureen, now it is fixed for real.
  18. Maureen, please check your email. It should be fixed now. To be anonymous you have to check the box when you login. See the attachment. Let me know what else needs to be corrected!
  19. I’ll get you fixed up Maureen. I just have to remember where those settings are
  20. Everything went as planned and the new design is up and running. I hope the advances in this new design will enhance the forum for each of you. Take a look around and let me know if you have questions. Also, check out the site on your mobile devices!
  21. It has been eight and a half years and I still vividly remember my last night with Kathy. It was a Monday night and we had stayed up until 10pm practicing a trumpet/piano duet for church, where we were scheduled to perform the next Sunday. Our music was echoing throughout the house and keeping the kids awake as they lay in bed. We were on our Christmas vacation so there was no need for an early bedtime. We practiced for a bit and then headed to bed happy that we were able to get a good practice completed. That night I remember Kathy rolling over in bed at exactly 2am and pressing h
  22. REMINDER! The new website will be live tomorrow! The current site will be taken down late tonight around 11pm CST and I will enable the new site as fast as possible. I expect the new site to be live by 1am.
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