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I was wondering why the Widowbago meetings section only shows up if you sign in as a member?  


There may be new widows/widowers that haven’t the confidence to sign up as a member right away. They may not realize that there are ways to meet up with members in-person, in or near their location, to get additional support and understanding without feeling judged.  It seems to be is a valuable piece that I know had been very helpful to me.  Sometimes the human connection with people who understand is extraordinarily important. That is why I don’t understand why it seems you can’t access the forum unless you sign in. Is there something I am missing?




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I have been to many Widowbagos over the years and grifters or unwanted people has not been an issue.  Bagos either take place in a public location or at someone’s home. In the case of a home gathering, private information such as address or phone # is discouraged from being posted online. You would have to become a member to private message the person hosting the private gathering to get specific address or contact information. Being able to see the Widowbago section without being a member has not caused a problem on this current board or the original board, at least not that I am aware of.  It would let newbies, who might benefit from actually meeting other people that are going through the same struggles or feelings,  see that option could be available to them. 

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Yes, that was my experience too. During my early years of widowhood, I attended countless Widowbagos in the metro NYC/NJ area and organized several dozen of them myself. And although the info was publicly accessible on YWBB (this site's predecessor) there was never a problem. The attendees were always members of that site or their guests. So I would be in favor of making the Widowbago section here fully accessible.


—- WifeLess 

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