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  1. Love2fish, I agree that so many people haven't experienced true love. I've met so many men jaded by past experiences. I could be way off, but the woman you spoke with was probably implying that you were looking for a "replacement" wife. I've talked to a few guys who had that mentality towards me too. Like I was looking for an instant husband, father figure, provider, or warm body. I've even had a few guys tell me they were uncomfortable dating a widow. Dating divorcees is more the norm. I was glad they were up front about it right away.
  2. I can't believe it has been so long since anyone has posted here. Anyone have anything new to share? Are your cities opening back up?
  3. I'll be going back to work Monday. I'm going to try to stay motivated and continue to finish projects in the evenings and on my days off. It will definitely be more difficult.
  4. 1. Did some spray painting. 2. Went for a drive to buy more paint. 3. Ran into the last guy I dated. Danger, danger! It felt really good hugging him. I tried not to hug him back.
  5. I'm sort of to the point of fizzling out. I completely understand. The weather here has been rainy and gloomy. We're supposed to have some sunshine tomorrow and Monday. Hopefully that will make me more motivated. Tentatively, I'll be returning to work May 2nd. We'll find out for sure Monday. I live in Indiana. Michigan and Illinois have already extended their stay at home orders beyond the 2nd.
  6. My husband always said that I was ass backwards with everything. I need the projects to keep my mind preoccupied so that I take care of my basic needs too. Otherwise I get down, depressed, and don't function well at all. I'm very physically motivated during my grieving too. We're all different.
  7. It's hard for me to be still too. I need to keep my mind preoccupied. Painted my livingroom, entryway, hallway, daughter #2's room, daughter #3's room, my office closet, game room in basement, and another wall in the basement. 5 shelves installed, 3 new bathroom fans, 2 new light fixtures, 2 cedar walls installed. Stained my desk, a few frames, and a few shelves. Organizing my filing cabinet. Organized my closet, purged and organized in the basement. Still a lot more to do. My body is beat though 😂
  8. If you are in quarantine, and working on projects, what have you finished or accomplished so far?
  9. I think rescheduling right before the next school year starts, or in the fall would be nice.
  10. Veronica, it's not something that can be recreated either. We know it's a small thing compared to other things, but it's a huge milestone. They'll never have that closure. Sad.
  11. Do any of you have a senior this year? My middle daughter is a 2020 graduate. When they announced that our school district wouldn't be going back to school she broke down in tears. No seeing her friends until the end of the school year, no senior skip day, no senior pranks, no prom, and graduation is uncertain. Of course being the parent I'm most concerned about graduation. She earned that walk to accept her diploma. I really hope that our school district reschedules a later date. One comment that she made that hurt me was, "I was somewhat mentally prepared for dad not being there to see me accept my diploma, but I wasn't prepared for the rest of my family not to. " 😢
  12. The messages I've been receiving from men lately makes me want to give up on dating all together.
  13. 1. Sanding for refinishing projects. 2. Made Easter dinner. 3. Movie night with my daughters. I've been feeling really lonely the past few days, but I still try to make myself do something productive. Just in a funk. A year ago today we buried my parents cremains. Missing all of them just seems intensified since I'm at home quarantined.
  14. 1. More painting. 2. Sorted through picture frames. 3. Colored Easter eggs with my daughters.
  15. Love2fish, I don't mind either, but texting can be more convenient if you're a person who likes to multitask. It is nice to hear someone's voice though. Let us know how it goes.
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