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  1. Abitlost - my bf (of a few years) and I are social distancing...seems weird. His ex and his son and his mother are part of his current COVID social circle. I’m social distancing apart with my son and parents. It makes me realize who my “real family” is in these stressed times and while it feels weird to be stuck at home all day, it just reminds me of my early widow days where it was just my son and I against the world...just like now. And I’m honestly ok with it.
  2. Captains wife

    A Return To Car Crying

    Im so so sorry Bunny...going through losing someone you love from cancer once is quite enough but I think why twice (for you). Honestly it’s not fair even if it is life. I also look at the world differently and am stronger after losing a husband suddenly and raising a baby alone. Nothing surprises me any more. But the crying is a way of your body dealing with heavy stress and sadness as you are going through now. Even though you are being very strong right now - for you and your boyfriend. I also hope that you and your boyfriend have many more years together.
  3. Captains wife

    Broken Heart.

    Lisa best, I am so sorry - at 2 years out, it was still very tough for me....Im doing much better now (at 8 years) but I remember what 2 years felt like. Take comfort in your kids, seek outside support (You are not alone! We are here). I too also found myself re-evaluating my life - and took a few new turns that I probably wouldn't have as a widow. Be good to yourself and wish you all the best. This is NOT an easy path but we need to trudge through it to get to a better place.
  4. Captains wife

    Other Single Moms

    We live in a small town where there are very few single moms - and Ive also had a hard time connecting. I am sorry that divorce situations are hard and their own kind of loss but I get tired of listening to mums who complain about their significant other and vice versa. I also notice a lot of the married moms don't actively include my son and I - a lot of them they are friendly but all their friends are married. Plus added to that I am a single, slightly older working mum with a quirky(but great) child so its very hard to find people that identify. It took us a while and I kept working at it but I do now have a few mums I can text for playdates etc (single and not single). I also have a few widow single mums who I am friends with - and I wish they lived closer! keep working at it - and looking for those connections. Even if you don't have a really close friendship with the mum, your children can develop friendships through it. Also are there are any widow groups in your area? that might be a way to make a connection.
  5. Captains wife

    3 things I did today

    1. Working at home today and feeling ready for a big presentation. 2. Taking “me” some time this week to think about next steps for my relationship. 3. Keeping to my new diet- woo hoo!
  6. Captains wife

    7 years today

    I understand these writings.....very much. You have so much on your plate with 4 kids and a business.....as many of us have found, its hard to recouple especially when life is so busy. Almost 8 years here and Im only raising one child but its been tough with my work and child and living out in the suburbs. I have a decent social life but find myself wanting to stay home more and hang with my son and focus on work. My personal life, in terms of recoupling, has not been what I would call successful. But I am thankful to be in a better place than I used to be and happy that my son are happy together, despite our loss. BTW - You are doing a great job with your kids - hugs to you.
  7. Captains wife

    Thanks to my fellow wids

    Im so thankful we are all here to support each other - we have been reading each other's stories (sometimes) for years. It is a place, even almost 8 years on, I come back to - to get support but also to support others. Tybec - honestly, good for you for recognizing that you can care about someone but when you aren't being treated as you want/need it is important to move forward. Break-ups are super tough (Ive been through one since being widowed and may be on the brink of another one) but you come out stronger on the other side, more sure about what you want. And, as you noted, it is NOTHING compared losing a partner/parent. Wishing you all the best,
  8. Captains wife


    Yeah! Congrats!! So happy for you..we’ve been on this board for about the same time period and I’m really pleased about this announcement : )
  9. Captains wife

    Marriage after widowhood

    Excellent news ! Wishing you all the best as you continue to move forward. I'm so happy to see you are both doing the work and communicating.
  10. Thank you all for the interesting discussion and thoughts...it’s a difficult situation when you are in a relationship with a man who is wonderful in many ways and your kids really bond - yet there is so much drama/noise. He IS very afraid his ex will try and take his son away (she pulled some very awful moves before and during the divorce) which is a key problem - but I also think he adds fuel to the fire by his actions which creates a very negative feedback loop between them. I actually call him out on some of his actions sometimes, in favor of his ex! I agree with tybec that if wounds are not healed, they will bleed on you. Ive been encouraging him, his son (and also for him to go with his ex for coparenting) into therapy - it’s more than I can or want to deal with. Bunny - I was trying to be patient at first and I was very communicative about my concerns/issues (so proud of myself as I’m usually quite passive aggressive) but I’m admittedly tired of being the one setting the boundaries and certain things not changing. I also, like you mentioned, cannot stand their childish behaviour and how their behaviour is negatively impacting their son . I’ve taken on some “toddler like” reinforcement actions - which honestly he seems to get more than having a conversation. But I’m honestly getting tired of dealing with this and listening to myself too - complaining about his issues and how they interfere in our relationship. I’ve asked for certain things to change and while I see some improvement, there are certain behaviours that are upsetting me. As I’m sure you all would agree with - issues can build up over time and then resentment can then really build. I think I need to be more proactive about really thinking about what I want and what is best my son and I for the long term! I might have to admit to myself that some of these issues with NG might never change given the personalities involved and while I’m ok with living seperately etc and I can deal (and have gotten more comfortable) with certain situations with his ex and their coparenting (since it’s best for their son) I’m not ok being in a relationship with continued drama/noise (which he isn’t taking active responsibility for improving) and coming behind his family, ex, son etc over and over. Thank you all again for letting me vent and this discussion!
  11. Wow!!! That’s awful. Yes...keep with the no contact. Stay strong!!!
  12. Captains wife

    Talking to Young Children About Heaven

    Thanks - appreciate the response. My concern was more than he might want to get to heaven sooner to see his Dad.....not that he will see his Dad one day. I'm certainly ok if he believes that they will reunite in Heaven later in life (when hes much older!)
  13. Um arneal - not ok for ex to ride in the family limo....but good for you taking the high road during such a time! I feel I have put up with a lot with my NG and his ex (in trying to think whats best for their son)and I really try and take the high road but it grates on me after a while. I know its nice for their son to have both parents there all the time but cant I have some time that's "ours" ? At least a day? Its such a different dynamic when she's in the picture given her "bad energy". This interference including texting and calling when she knows we are together really is bugging me. I would be more respectful of space and boundaries. At least she doesn't turn up regularly lol! (only once when we were skiing...)
  14. Agreed ! I do think there is a competition. Most of my town are married couples and believe me most events, appts are only attended by one parent. Its so weird. Good luck and patience to us all!
  15. Thanks Arneal - wow, just wow re: your experience. My NG and his ex go to EVERYTHING relating to their son (separately but they are both there) e.g. Scouts, dentist, all games, sports practices, school meetings, school dances/events, some parties, Dr etc etc. My NG cant stand that he is not in the picture all the time with this son. I do all these activities alone, literally. Is that fair to my son and I ? Not sure how to think about it. Part of me understands and part of me is resentful. Shouldn't there be some boundaries when divorced people date new people - unless it was urgent, I would consider it rude to text, call my ex when I know he is with his new partner. I think its insane they both need to be at things like the dentist, all practices etc. but maybe that's my widow issue. And maybe that makes sense since their son is only 9? But it still seems crazy to me and its keeping me in the middle zone, especially as these two fight all the time. Its so stressful to listen to them talk to each other and deal with things. PS - thanks Trying2 breathe - he's been divorced for almost 2 years now. I keep trying to understand and set boundaries (and that's annoying in itself as he should be doing this) but I don't know...he doesn't have the same view as me, clearly. He grew up in a blended family (I didn't) so he sees no real issues here - he says he gets it but since he wants to be actively involved with his son, he understands his ex does too. I also think she is trying in her own way to intervene in a negative way - I don't think she cares so much about her ex dating but I think she is resentful that the 4 of us have a lot of fun while she is on her own.

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    May 16, 2012

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